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Why Long-Distance Relationships Are Hard

It’s not like you’ve broken up. It’ll just be like you’re single, except with the added benefit of knowing that you’ve got someone out there for you. 402 more words



1) Own my dream house: do its interior
2) Learn Salsa
3) Learn Guitar
4) Learn foreign language : Spanish, Mandarin, German
5) Travel alone to discover nature… 212 more words

Bucket List

Beep Beep Boop

I am very pleased with this new WordPress posting system, it’s very entertaining. I say this because I have changed my layout four times in the past fifteen minutes because I’m indecisive about my layout choices.  276 more words



I was getting on a bus, filled with classmates from my high school .Nightmare enough I had to also drive them to a hotel where my parents worked and while I was trying to get away from these twin terrors, for some reason there was a pregnant woman there, panicking, saying ‘he’s dying!’ He meaning her husband, who was literally throwing up his insides. 26 more words


Not just the delivery man

There’s a very nice man that delivers pizza to our house. He’s in his fifties, maybe early forties, and he’s delivered to our house for about a month now. 345 more words



I should perhaps be asleep right now.

Last night I remained awake until near 1am figuring out coding to a tumblr layout (because I’m cool like that) and then I ended up waking up at 3am, for the second night in a row. 123 more words


The thing about words is that they’ll keep on hurting longer than any physical pain will.