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I may not need to mention but I shall – so anyone that reads it can berate me in a few weeks as to why I haven’t gotten any work done- that I am now on holidays and have been since Tuesday. 43 more words


Manila Diaries

Hi, world! As you all don’t know, I visited Manila for a few days (April 11-15) because initially, we were supposed to move my stuff out of the condo. 195 more words


Diversity in kid-lit

As I was scrolling through tumblr I came across an interesting bit of literature regarding kid-lit’s and… well, let me quote…

Last week, BookCon announced their event’s lineup of blockbuster kid lit panelists.

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Getting Started

Sometimes I do find it very difficult to be motivated to do anything. Right now I have a wall with post-its covered with ideas and small quotes from stories and scripts playing in my head. 563 more words


College Wisdom

I dedicate this article of greatest college lessons to the upcoming college/university students, those still in their post-secondary education and to everyone who has gone through college already – I’m sure you can relate… 1,080 more words


Vintage Cameras

Originally, the camera was invented to capture a moment in time quickly and exactly. Paintings often reflected the opinion of the painter in their art, however, photos show exactly what was happening. 639 more words


Where Are They Now Wednesdays: Messages In A Wallet

Although the temperatures outside did not feel like Spring, I still took it upon myself to get a head start on “spring cleaning”… and I started with my wallet.   211 more words