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I should perhaps be asleep right now.

Last night I remained awake until near 1am figuring out coding to a tumblr layout (because I’m cool like that) and then I ended up waking up at 3am, for the second night in a row. 123 more words


The thing about words is that they’ll keep on hurting longer than any physical pain will.


it’s those missed 4am conversations
the stars in the sky
craving sleep but craving company
emotionally exhausted
the light of dawn comes
you are still awake
and you are still alone


University next week

It’s important to finish things. 

You cannot claim a title of being someone or doing something unless you have finished it. I cannot say that I have read any Jane Austen book because though I have attempted to do so, I have never managed to finish an entire book. 143 more words


If I could go back and tell myself...

  • First and foremost, always believe in yourself. You will come across so many people in your life that will try to put you down. Don’t let them win.
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Shoutout: Sea Of Success

A couple of weeks back, I wrote an article called “Ambition: Good or Bad?” It’s about how society – in the Philippines – sees “ambition” or people who are “ambitious/ambisyosa” in a negative way and my contradicting thoughts towards the phenomenon. 424 more words


Top Five Film Recommendations

1. Three idiots

A Bollywood film where three idiots are trying to make it through engineering school. The thing about this film is that it’s very unexpected but altering as well.

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