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One Of The Most Hated Patent Trolls In The Country Just Won A Lawsuit Against CBS

Personal Audio LCC is one of the most despised patent trolls in America today. The company, which is more or less a front for a man named Jim Logan, claims to hold the patent for “episodic content.” It does nothing with this patent other than sue anyone who uses anything remotely like this technology, hoping its opponents will quickly agree to settle rather than shell out the legal fees necessary to defend an infringement suit. 406 more words


Hated podcast troll wins $1.3M patent verdict from CBS, but may soon be dead all the same

A patent troll known as Personal Audio LLC has been on a rampage to collect royalties from podcasters across the land, claiming that it invented “episodic content.” In its latest victory, a jury in East Texas this week ordered media giant CBS to… 430 more words