7 Ways to Shop Smarter at The Farmers Market

It’s harder to go wrong at a farmers market than a grocery store, but we wouldn’t want anyone to make any shopping (or etiquette) mistakes that could detract from the experience. 14 more words


12 Ways To Save On Drinking And Dining

A glass of wine here, an appetizer there … and before you know it, that fun night out can quickly turn into a not-so-fun night of stressing about the damage you’ve just done to your checking account. 52 more words


"Roll up! Roll up! View the giant Hypocrite!"

Let me tell you about the circus and the bank. The troupe is called ‘Circus Uncertainty’, and is based in Bristol. It was founded earlier this year by Joshua Morris. 461 more words


Vanquish Vanquis the Vampire Card

Fantastic postal application that landed this morning from the wonderful guys at Vanquis Bank. Was unsure of which card to apply for given the four designs so plumped for the one with Peter Cushing on rather than the one with a leech on. 174 more words


"It's all your own fault"

The banks are keen to tell us that they have changed. They have seen the error of their ways. Everything that they do now is centred on their customers. 433 more words


Miracle on the High St.

Staff at a branch of Barclays Bank have managed to do the impossible.

They suspected that a customer was about to become a victim of ‘courier’ fraud. 452 more words


Seven Tips to Save More

No matter how well you manage your personal finances, there’s always room to put a little more away. Here are seven time-tested tips to help you keep more of your… 555 more words

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