"It's all your own fault"

The banks are keen to tell us that they have changed. They have seen the error of their ways. Everything that they do now is centred on their customers. 433 more words


Miracle on the High St.

Staff at a branch of Barclays Bank have managed to do the impossible.

They suspected that a customer was about to become a victim of ‘courier’ fraud. 452 more words


Seven Tips to Save More

No matter how well you manage your personal finances, there’s always room to put a little more away. Here are seven time-tested tips to help you keep more of your… 555 more words

Personal Banking

HOPE Inside Location Celebrated at Bronx Branch

Bronx Deputy Borough President Aurelia Greene joined local community leaders, entrepreneurs, and customers at the Popular Community Bank branch at 752 East Tremont Avenue to inaugurate the HOPE Inside location that will concentrate on home ownership and financial literacy programs. 395 more words

Personal Banking

8 Ways to Spend $549

Everyone has been asked, “What would you do if you won the lottery?” According to the PowerBall website, the odds of winning the jackpot are one in more than 175 million, so most answers will, sadly, remain hypothetical. 610 more words

NJ Banks

You can’t automate Great Service

I am a great fan of online banking. It is convenient, simple and gives me control to do my banking without the need to visit a bank branch. 432 more words

Pants on fire

Banks aren’t alone in knowing how to kick you when you’re down, but they’re particularly good at it.

The number of people being taken in by ‘vishing’ scams is steadily increasing. 607 more words