Opening a Savings Account with a Boyfriend or Girlfriend

By Michael Cadet

When considering opening a joint savings account with your girlfriend or boyfriend your best ally is common sense. You don’t want to put yourself into a situation you will possibly regret. 548 more words


Group Economics

By Michael Cadet

Group economics is the practice of buying goods and services within a specific group. For example, if I’m a farmer and I sell apples, my customers would theoretically consist of dentists, plumbers, retail shop owners, barbers and so on. 602 more words


Popular Community Bank Foundation

2014 is the seventh grant distribution for the Popular Community Bank Foundation which shares the Bank’s mission to strengthen the social and economic well-being of the communities it serves. 28 more words

Personal Banking

Retirement Savings vs. Debt Payoff: Which Come First?

Having a handle on your finances and living comfortably are goals we all want to achieve. The closer you get to retirement, the more important it becomes to maintain that control. 815 more words

Bergen County

8 Things That Financial Literacy Can Do For You

November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada  Several organizations across the country are holding various events to promote the importance of financial literacy skills.   From contests to workshops, learning the basic money management skills and being aware of threats to one’s wallet in terms of fraud schemes and scams are essential.   691 more words

Personal Savings

Money Magazine call us one of the best banks in America!

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Screen shot from MONEY Magazine, October 29, 2014 © Time Inc. Used under license. 36 more words

Personal Banking