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The Continuum Weekend

The second annual Continuum weekend is here. There have been many more people in my life changing my life in the most unexpected ways and I want to take this weekend to recognize these people for their contribution to my development as an individual. 225 more words

Ryan Hite

Project 365: Day 108 Celebrating my Birthday

They say you only turn each age once. For me, the age is 40. (Eeep!). With amazing and fun friends like mine, my birthday celebration lasted a little longer. 24 more words

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It's a Good Weekend to Live On Campus

There’s something so energizing about people flooding the campus sidewalks, music blaring from open vehicle windows, and students sprawled out on the lawn, sleeping and studying. 34 more words


#17: The Adult Life

Well… I’m about to go out again… Good Friday, probably shouldn’t but might as well.

Have a great night everybody! Enjoy yourselves!

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A 100 days to a new me : Day 57, all's well that ends well!

It seems out the project with my friend is turning out to be quite a circus. I guess it is the difference between ground reality and expectations…Here is the craziest part, everybody means well, everybody wants to do good but everybody is confused about expectations and deliverables. 399 more words

Dreamscapes: Farewell tour

Posting about particularly memorable or vivid dreams is not something I had considered before, but after experiencing an especially affecting one last night, I was inspired to write about it.


Project 365: Day 107

Had an adventurous trail run with my kids Thursday night. Here we were taking a short run break to check out a cliff. Love that we exercise together.

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