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“don’t be afraid to move on, moving on can mean healing, getting back to yourself, pursuing your own interests, loving yourself again and having good boundaries.” 745 more words

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There’s lots going on here…follow the link (and leave me a hug, if you’re so inclined) :)


Sweet Sounds Of School Back In Session

What is that heavenly sound?

It’s that time of year…new shoes, fresh haircut, a bulging backpack and the sweet sound of the school bell ringing to start classes each morning! 89 more words


Daily Dose Of...Challenge

Let me introduce you the “642 Things To Write About” challenge.

The San Francisco Writers’ Grotto once published a book called “642 Things To Write About”. 87 more words



This is the Black Hat Belle, coming to you from the confines of her own umbrella.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a girl who attends an distinguished academy must be serious and studious. 697 more words

Advice Blog

"A 12-Year-Old Boys Dream"

So the same person that gave me┬áthe inspiration to write my “Take A Seat and Rethink” blog last week (or somewhere around then) approached my cubicle yet again today! 459 more words



I complained that I felt like Sisyphus, who’s punishment was to eternally push a boulder up a hill, only to have it roll back down again and again. 191 more words