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Day 18

I’m writing from Granby, Colorado this morning. I am the only one up after one of the worst nights of sleep in awhile. A sinus headache, a strange bed, outside noise, too much light, and my son all contributed. 450 more words

The Man I Am Going To Marry Is...

a Chivalrous man

I am so happy that the man I am going to marry is not the type of man who believes women and men are equal, rather he believes women should be taken care of. 268 more words

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Ideas flood in whilst the Universe has.... differing ideas

On 29 January after speaking to my brother on the phone about websites and starting businesses, I had the desired to do just one myself.  I had the thoughts for a while though never the drive. 339 more words


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Link to my old blog on creating my website..

Welcome to the beginning..

For starters.. I understand the name of my blog may seem rather peculiar, however there is a method in this madness.

I was divided whether to have two separate blogs, a personal one and one for my project, however below the surface they have that one common important factor, myself.  410 more words


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This is the start, for those who are interested.

An Open Letter to Britain

When I was last at rock bottom- hungry, depressed and aimless- I had what seemed to be an endless amount of time to watch the media and news of each passing headline. 884 more words

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Barely Awake

Wake up feeling groggy—
Hypnotized, nearly catatonic.
Bleary, beaded eyes
Seeing blurry.
Barely awake.
Rise sensing icy trance—
Boredom—blood pumping slowly.
Sluggish, apathetic soul
Stirring calmly:
Oddly so.
Barely living.


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There was a time a while ago where words failed me- the poverty I attempted to write about had consumed my vitality. I attempted to describe it then, but what Sampsel has done with this poem conveys it so much more accurately. Simple yet chilling, wordsmith-ed precision.

Hey There

Let’s be honest, I doubt anyone will ever read this. Who wants to hear about my life? But, in the case that there is actually someone out there, I’ll introduce myself. 302 more words