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Soarin', Flyin'

We were up by 8 this morning. This was fast becoming a real sleep-in vacation for us, which is weird. Also our breaks were weird, but really needed. 561 more words

#11 Sometimes, it's okay to think of the children too

It’s raining outside and the clouds are floating rapidly above my head, swirling and twisting into a different shape before they carry on and forget about me watching them. 683 more words

Lung Cancer

Memoirs of a Shadow

Something happened over time, though I discovered it all in one day… I realized I had lost my softness, yet didn’t quite gain the hard edge that might protect me…. 127 more words


The Hush

The Hush is coming.
I can sense it all around.
Dark shadowy tendrils reaching for me, whispers in velvet, elusive yet Burgeoning… Drifting Closer… Closer. 56 more words


From the moment we are born, and that first glimmer of light penetrates our primitive eyes, we are part of it.
We try to understand it, dissect it, lay it all out in a linear form, chart it, graph it, narrow it down into decorative boxes inside boxes inside more boxes still… We follow it and plan for it, we plot it, revisit it, remember it and look forward to it. 86 more words


You know its been a while...

Since you last wrote when you have no idea how the new post editor works. Wow, I’ve been gone a while. I would say I suck, but life has just taken over and I haven’t had the want or desire to sit down and put figurative pen to paper. 142 more words


#10 The Ugly Truth Diaries - Writing101: Serially Lost

Cancer is a sneaky bastard. It lurks, waits and then strikes when you least expect it. Not once, not twice but all the time. Even when you know that parasite is playing house in someone’s body, it can still take you by surprise. 498 more words

Lung Cancer