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Ramblings - Is This Nano?

My interpretation of nanotechnology…

The ability to manipulate molecules causing them to separate and disperse so that when one’s mobile phone rings and they answer, the sales assistant serving them can magically disappear, exploding into millions of unseeable separate atomic molecules. 101 more words

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Hey, World!

Life’s a funny thing.

We tend to pressure ourselves into chasing the dollar so that we can fund our extravagant houses, wardrobes and the latest high tech gadget, which then won’t function to its optimal level until you purchase its side-kick gadget. 508 more words

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Current Non-Beauty Favorites

The fall semester has finally ended for me and that means I’m officially a Santa Fe graduate and a new student at the University of Florida! 762 more words


In maters of career you strive for excellence

When looking for a great career you put yourself in the best driving seat and strive for excellence. I am confident that this time I will find my place in a team of winners. 202 more words

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The new project takes shape

As I promised yesterday night I will keep you posted regarding the details of the project. It is about a mobile app called City Offers as you already knew. 137 more words

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Quite an interesting day

Today I had quite an interesting day. Some guy made me a proposition of starting a new project for business owners of restaurants, bars, pubs and tourism agencies. 136 more words

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Heaven - difficult to reach

Word is out that no matter how hard you struggle to reach your dream, you always find obstacles in your way. And when you thought you overcome one, there’s another in line waiting for you. 113 more words

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