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What would you do?

The difference between working for love and working for money is love don’t pay the bills.

Recently my life partner used the harsh words “If you don’t finish nursing school and commit to it then I don’t want to be with you”… I can’t understand how I anger him enough to use that rhetoric. 240 more words

Snow days (and other common NJ occurrences)

If you live in New Jersey, it snows a lot.  That should go without saying.  And when you’re a kid, this snow means a lot of things.   640 more words

New Jersey

Spirits at the dairy: on gender, mythology, and lost love.

So, in my second university semester last year, I wrote a short story. (You can download and read it here.) Well, that’s what it technically is, but it’s over 18,000 words. 1,560 more words


Lightning strikes, a gleam
glints and sparkle, crackling
like a clear, dazzling sunbeam.


Like sand expectations,
dried from harshness’ heat,
my agog heart’s beat,
undaunted slip away
from my life’s hourglass.

Give Us A Twirl

Am I the only woman on the planet who doesn’t think it was in poor taste for an on-court interviewer to ask Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard to twirl? 397 more words

New year brings comics & leaving home.

Well, I’m back. (if anyone’s listening.) Went up north with a mate for new years’ and got sloshed on whiskey and skittles vodka. (That is a thing.) Now I’ve been back in Wanganui for about two weeks, settling into my flat. 1,156 more words