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It's Always Easiest

It’s always easiest in the beginning, when everything is new, the computer is as fast as it will ever be, and the ideas flow freely from my fingertips to the key board. 197 more words


#4 The Ugly Truth Diaries - All things medical

We’re nineteen days into this mess and finally there is some kind of news of what we may expect during the next twelve weeks.

Last week, my mum had to go to hospital twice for all kinds of tests; the one more unpleasant than the other. 948 more words


Heaven - difficult to reach

Word is out that no matter how hard you struggle to reach your dream, you always find obstacles in your way. And when you thought you overcome one, there’s another in line waiting for you. 113 more words

Personal Blogging

The differences between personal and business blogging

When I go to a networking event and somebody hears that I’m a blogger, I’m sometimes inundated with questions: “What IS a blog? How does it work? 523 more words

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Sunday night thoughts

Blogging is not something that comes easily to me. Tumblring and reblogging: yes. Taking photos on my smartphone and running the photo through several editing apps to get it… 464 more words


#3 The Ugly Truth Diaries - Daily night demons

Sunday, 6th of July, 2014

Everything is slowly falling back into its rightful place. Although it still hurts and freaks me out whenever lung cancer… 925 more words


#2 The Ugly Truth Diaries - A battle of morality

Note: I don’t want to pretend as if I’m perfect because I’m not. This might come across as selfish or uncaring but know that my heart breaks every time I think of my mum. 993 more words