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How to Deal With Difficult People? Be Ruthless

Once again, you can’t control other people. You can only control your own reaction to them.

How to Deal With Difficult People? Be Ruthless


what hasn't been said about the Holiday Narcissist

I’ve seen so many of these sorts of articles in the past month that I decided I wanted to write about the one thing that hasn’t been mentioned yet. 419 more words

All Kinds Of Advice

If FB is a Marketplace, Why is Every Aisle Filled With So Much Junk Food?

Now let me say that this is not intended as a rant. It is more of an observation, a public service message if you will, about the impact of Facebook, Tweeter and other social media platforms on the erosion of our sense of personal and social boundaries and appropriateness in our daily communication with others; and vice-versa. 827 more words


Don’t say it!!! Don’t fill in that blank!

Because of goodwill, fuzzy feelings and good ‘ole sexual attraction and come on now — it’s the holidays after all… somehow we think it is okay to: 821 more words

Wholeness, Completeness & Security

Don't Take It Personally!

Those four words can have a volcanic effect on one person while another will smile and say “Yea, you are right”. Why is that?

It goes back to the issue of… 214 more words

Thinking of what to write

There are a lot of things I want to talk about in this blog. However, something in me has changed somehow which makes me want to hold back everything I want to share: personal boundaries. 616 more words


(Image from FB Spirit Science)

This is true…to see the truth can be unbearable, but to live the lie is truly the worst pain of it all. 138 more words