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Personal space boundary = You + your stuff

Why is it that many people seem unaware that their stuff be it backpacks, purses, briefcases, bags, luggage, etc extends the space they occupy? On any sidewalk, in any bus, at any store, and in any elevator that isn’t largely empty folks will hit, bump, rest against, jab, scrape you with their stuff. 15 more words

I will never be silent again

I will never stop sharing.

Not ever.

No one will silence my thoughts.

No one will stifle my humor.

I will not bend to someone’s whims or perception of how they think I should behave. 13 more words


let me beat you up with love

When someone tells you what they really think of you and they are not kind about it and truly heinous remarks are made and then they tell you how awesome they think you are and that they are your friend…here’s another way to look at it. 91 more words

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transformation process

It’s the beginning of another academic year. The first weeks are usually hectic as we are required to set up online pages for each class, submit emergency lesson plans and an assortment of curriculum outlines. 167 more words

Five Steps that Will Help You Put the Past in the Past

SOURCE:  Leslie Vernick

There are times in our lives when we can’t let go of our past.

Every past mistake, sinful action, wrong word, and poor choice is rehearsed again and again.  1,079 more words

Healthy Living

Day 588: How to reduce anxiety

#1: Tell yourself  “It doesn’t matter.”

“It doesn’t matter” is something my 16-year-old son, Aaron, has said to me, when I:

Personal Growth

being grateful, showing kindness, being a Giver, it's all good

My friend Angie and I were having a discussion about this subject yesterday. Like me, Angie gets annoyed with people that constantly take and take and take, and never give anything back, or even offer to give something back. 1,790 more words

All Kinds Of Advice