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Thinking of what to write

There are a lot of things I want to talk about in this blog. However, something in me has changed somehow which makes me want to hold back everything I want to share: personal boundaries. 616 more words

My Daily Life!

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This is true…to see the truth can be unbearable, but to live the lie is truly the worst pain of it all. 138 more words


Stop the bus and leave drama at the next stop! Part Three

When we deal with the drama triangle assertively we often reap countless benefits. We are able to not only refuse disrespectful treatment from others but are also able to remain respectful… 343 more words


Day 15 - Holistic Change With The Chariot

For Day 15 of our 30 Day Holistic Change Challenge we are going to look at how we can use our emotions to move us forward, rather than allowing ourselves to be pulled under by them – especially anger, which can be very destructive and debilitating. 395 more words

30 Day Holistic Challenge

Stop the bus and leave drama at the next stop! Part Two

To avoid the vicious drama triangle we can use assertiveness, leaving the rescuer, victim and prosecutor roles behind us. If assertiveness is unfamiliar territory for you then fear not, the basic principles of assertive behaviour are very straight forward. 335 more words


Stop the bus and leave drama at the next stop! Part One

Recently I found myself in the middle of drama with one of my good friends. The experience was all consuming, one minute I was crying and the next I was angry. 705 more words


Surviving domestic violence!

Have you seen the “No More” add?

Do you know what it is like?

Everybody says, “I understand” – do you really?

It can happen to anybody, anyone – no matter the color of your skin, your education – there is no set group for whom it might happen to. 349 more words