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She was a Monster

There are some things only a handful of people know simply because I have not shared them. To me, they became sacred after my friend was tragically taken from us a few years ago. 6,142 more words

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a better class of friends

Growing up I had many, many best friends over the years. I’m sure we all did. They say that kids can be some of the most incredibly cruel people on the planet and I’m going to have to say that I agree with that assessment sometimes. 832 more words

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Why You Can't Stop Ruminating About "Prince Charming"

There are some realities when it comes to the exploiter/predator that we need to become aware of about the romantic, pathological relationship. And not just about him, but about ourselves too. 3,151 more words

The Dangers of 'Suppressing' Traumatic Emotions About The Pathological Relationship

Survivors will do anything to avoid themselves. In a positive sense, they are the most creative individuals alive! But this creativity is best used in the search for self and how the psychopath exploited and manipulated his way into the survivor’s life in the first place. 2,899 more words

You Can Only Go So Far (#CrownShine)

I’m not talking about your efforts or energies or potential. I mean you — literally and physically. And me. We (physically) can only go so far…so why do we insist on stretching ourselves like we are Mrs. 427 more words

Crown Shine

"I found her journals"

I was watching a docudrama on the History channel that put a different spin on the part of Houdini’s life when he went after mystics and psychics in order to expose their tricks to the unsuspecting public. 2,606 more words

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Fences Make Good Neighbors

Setting boundaries is essential if we want to be physically and emotionally healthy. Many cult survivors and abuse survivors have no idea what a healthy boundary is. 785 more words