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Good Fences...


This is going to be short and sharp. Here we go.

I once heard a cute line from a movie (or was it a sitcom? 293 more words


An inch

When someone says; if you give her an inch, she will try to take a mile, it’s not always a good thing.

If they are talking about a child, it’s a good thing. 39 more words

All Kinds Of Advice

My Space

No No… I am  not talking about the popular Social Networking site, but MY SPACE. About transgressions that just make us feel uncomfortable, squeamish, anxious, alarmed, and downright violated. 754 more words


I appreciate your honesty

Over the last year I have journeyed with a dear friend as she watched her mother’s health fail. Initially there was hope that the situation was a temporary setback. 467 more words


Mastering the Art

A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between work and play, labour and  leisure,  mind and  body,  education and  recreation. [S]he hardly knows which is which.

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Enforcing boundaries

Anyone lucky enough to have grown up in a healthy home, not an abusive one, has this beautiful gift (many beautiful gifts actually, but only writing about 1 today) of personal boundary knowledge. 1,009 more words


"I think most problems in life are when we look for approval and validation outside of ourselves."

But there is more to this ‘permission’…

Sharing The Purple Sheep’s response to the two emails by small town girl married off into a village’.  328 more words

Indian Homemaker