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Pucker Up - Entering a Toddler's Personal Space Bubble

“Oh, don’t be such a sooky bubba.”

I seem to hear this response far too often from people who force a kiss on my 13 month old and feel offended when she doesn’t like it. 463 more words


A Personal Boundary Primer and Category for you

For the last few years I have done some major soul searching and made positive and constructive steps in my own life. I have written so many different articles about my endeavour to make and keep Personal Boundaries of my own and I realize that they are scattered throughout my other blog posts and might be hard to locate. 48 more words

All Kinds Of Advice

All of me

Stumbling in Tumblr. Have you been there? It’s a candid camera world unlike any other. Maybe you don’t know this but in Tumblr if you look for selfies you’re going to get more than faces. 614 more words


This is a book by Barbara Gordon:


I remember reading the book Sybil (published in 1973) while lying on the brown love seat in this room of the house that was recently re-finished. 1,236 more words

How to stop operating on auto-pilot and live for the moment; Part Two

Last week we looked at the vast array of benefits mindfulness brings. Now you can try these simple and quick mindful exercises as your very own introduction into mindfulness: 404 more words


Lifestyle Choices

It is important to remember that each system whether it is political, business or social is made up of people. People making choices, everyday people making decisions, decisions which influence others and the world around them. 519 more words



Dear Ones,

What an incredible video about dealing with the current state of mental chaos!

Lee talks about the limitations of the linear mind, about the importance of feeling our third eye and ‘the brain of the heart’, about being in our ‘feeling space’, about staying in our own energy when others are spinning out, and about the importance of getting a little sunlight every day, and about how just watching trees for a little while every day can be helpful. 8 more words