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The 100 Most Influential People in HR and Recruiting on Twitter

I’m very humbled and privileged to be part of this list. There are some amazing recruiters out there who are also on this list. Make sure to check them out!

Check out the list here


Top 44.5 Under 45 But Over 44


I’d like to thank my family and teammates for all their sacrifices etc.

Happy Friday.

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Story + Narrative

Career Transition Coaching

Going through a career transition can be a challenging experience. You are pursuing a specific career path, doing a job on a day to day basis, working in a company or organization but it no longer meets your values, goals or passions. 261 more words


Brand Truth #3: Your brand will always be in beta.

Here’s a tech reference for all my tech friends out there.  Your brand is constantly evolving every single day, and as a result, your brand will always be in beta.   249 more words

Personal Branding

It's a New Day

Argyle sweaters. Bell bottoms. Fitted baseball caps. Throwback jerseys. Popped-collar polos.

All of these are trends that have come and gone. The more I mature, the more I realize I realize that, though some trends will make there way into our lives as staples, most will fade away, remembered only in photographs that we laugh at decades down the line. 236 more words

Strengthening Your Brand

Personal Branding: Identifying Your Values

The last time I wrote about personal branding, it was about asking yourself the hard questions – identifying how you are perceived now and comparing that to how you WANT to be perceived. 456 more words

Goal Setting