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What's next? Waterboarding?

(from http://blog.al.com/techcetera/2008/12/BerlinInterrogation.jpg)

For those who may need some background about me: I’m practising using social media for a school assignment. It’s arguable whether or not personal branding for work is absolutely necessary (the school tells us it is), but knowing how to use social media is definitely a life skill. 175 more words


Personal Branding 101

In my first blog post I asked who are you. I explained that the answer to this is not a simple one but rather more complex in nature. 698 more words

Secure My Personal Name for a Web Domain?…..Why?

“Not only for your web domain, but for all your social media tools too!”

This is a piece of advice that I tell all my clients, friends, family members, and students I teach at university – buy your name for a website domain, and related vanity domains for social media too. 406 more words


Identity Inspiration

As a graduating senior it is important to brand myself to the world outside BYU-Idaho. In this Identity project I will create several logos that represent me and that I will be able to use on many different platforms to help make my work cohesive and all tie together. 412 more words


Friday Fab Four

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler! Happy Fall Friday, enjoy these four articles hand picked just for you.

1. What You Should do Before Downloading iOS 8… 55 more words

Friday Fab Four

Personal Branding on LinkedIn

Last week was a big buzz about much awaited launch of another smart phone in the market. We look forward and wait for few products because of technology they offer sometimes due to glamour around it, and most importantly the brand it comes with. 742 more words


Social media becomes truly social... effective use of social media for causes.

Many NGOs with good causes and intensions fade out over time either due to lack of funds or lack of response from society. It’s a very difficult task indeed to make people believe in your cause and further getting their help for that cause. 695 more words

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