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Fighting the inner battle to become successful

A few nights ago I had the opportunity to see Fernando Lopez, CFO of Bounty Group, an information technology and services company in the Miami metro area. 520 more words

Personal Brand

day three {and a recipe}.

Day three: the nail polish challenge. Wear a color you don’t normally wear. My nail polish collection is a bit, shall we say, monochromatic. Much like my wardrobe. 739 more words


day two.

Day two. Pay for someone else’s order in a drive-thru of some sort. I’ve been looking forward to this one all week {I know it’s only Tuesday} because to me, drive-thru can mean only one thing: Starbucks. 689 more words


day one.

Alrighty it’s time to start this little ten-day personal challenge! Today’s goal was to get rid of/trash/donate five household items. I *may* have been an overacheiver on this one. 1,097 more words


One-Song Workouts

Who’s heard of these? So fun, right? Just as the name suggests, One-Song Workouts take a song and assign a little workout circuit for you to complete while listening to it. 80 more words

Going Public - 12 Week Challenge (Getting Stronger!) 7 weeks down...

Seven weeks down and I feel stronger.

This challenge has turned into much more than a physical or weight challenge. The reason why I began was to force myself to override the self-destructive thought process that inevitably takes me down and prevents me from crossing the line from a mediocre existence to vibrant living. 194 more words


a personal challenge.

Recently I’ve been in the personal challenge kind of mood. I felt a stirring in my bones to do something {or several things} out of the ordinary. 512 more words