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day seven & day eight.

Yesterday’s goal was to buy an ingredient at the store that I had never bought before. Today’s goal: to dust thoroughly. Which one do you think I am more excited about? 942 more words


The Real Challenge Starts Today

Ok, ok, ok, I have to admit, I’ve kind of been cheating a little bit this month. No, I haven’t been skipping workouts, but in addition to home workouts, I’ve been working out at a gym for the past 2 weeks too. 410 more words

day six & day seven.

Yesterday’s {day six} goal: to do something indulgent just for me. To be honest, I might have forgotten all about this task, seeing as I forgot all about it being Monday, seeing as all my days are pretty much the same with nothing to distinguish one from the other except for church on Sundays, seeing as I forgot all about my ten-day personal challenge. 1,127 more words


101in1001 #34 - Dye Hair

To dye my hair as part of a ‘Challenge’ you would think that I would go for something absolutely outrageous such as pink or green….but no.


the "one new thing every day" project, part deux

on january 1, 2013, i made a resolution to try one new thing a day. it didn’t matter how big or small. i could order something new at a restaurant i’ve been to a hundred times, go deep sea diving in thailand, or anything in between. 116 more words


Abs Like Brit

Britney Spears that is. There was a time in my life, 2001-2002 to be exact, when I had a slight obsession with having abs like Britney Spears. 208 more words

101in1001 Challenge Update: On a go slow

I seemed to race though my first 20% of challenges, which is hardly suprising as they were all the fun things to do. However I haven’t forgotten that I have to keep going. 318 more words