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Ups and Downs

I’m sure all of you have heard, in some way or another, this saying:
“Life is like a roller-coaster”

That is 100% true, and makes especial sense to me as I sometimes reflect upon particular events that have stirred strong emotions in me. 187 more words

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Alabama state representative to name anti-discrimination bill after Tim Cook

Alabama state representative Patricia Todd announced today that her upcoming anti-discrimination bill will be named after Tim Cook. Todd plans to introduce the bill, which would prevent the government from discriminating in its hiring practices based on points such as sexual orientation, in March. 133 more words

AAPL Company

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Amazingly Simple

I watched a young child race his mother to the pedestrian crossing. Why did he dash to the crossing? For the amazingly simple pleasure of pushing the button! 290 more words


Random things happen in life – can’t deny that.

But sometimes, maybe because of the randomness of life, or maybe because of other factors, I become the randomness itself. 118 more words

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The On-Going EU In/Out Drama

England will not vote to leave the EU. Cameron is calling UKIP’s bluff & watch the ‘Better Together’in the EU’ propaganda become a tsunami near the time of the referendum,  exactly the same as the shenanigan’s before Scotland’s referendum. 62 more words


cead mile failte! Welcome To My Blog! Wilkommen!

Welcome to my new blog page! I’m Sean Gerriard McCloskey – Musician, Writer, Full-Time Father & member of the Scottish Greens Party.

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Some Halloween Fun...

Some tunes to get you in the mood.


Have fun tonight!

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