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Facebook's science experiment on users shows the company is even more powerful and unethical than we thought

If you were still unsure how much contempt Facebook has for its users, this will make everything hideously clear.

In a report published at the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), Facebook data scientists conducted an experiment to manipulate the emotions of nearly 700,000 users to see if positive or negative emotions are as contagious on social networks as they are in the real world.  738 more words


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The Fault in My Tear Ducts

Last Saturday, I watched The Fault in Our Stars hoping for a good cry.

This movie promised tears. And thanks to an endless sea of film reviews and a wide circulation of Facebook memes, I was assured this movie would deliver. 704 more words


T-Mobile's CEO Is Pissed That The Amazon Phone Will Be Exclusive To AT&T

T-Mobile’s John Legere, ever the Un-CEO, has thrown yet another tantrum in the wake of rumors suggesting the new Amazon phone may be an AT&T exclusive… 428 more words


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I agree completely, this exclusive deal does stifle competition. I cannot figure out why such a exclusive deal was needed, what does Amazon get from AT&T?

I have a iPhone and I do like it, but there is this constant competition between Apple and Android for the market. This is good and we (the users) do appreciate the competition. 139 more words

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Compassion missing...

This weekend on Twitter there were two stories that caught my eye and highlighted, to me, just how low we have sunk as a nation since 2010. 207 more words

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