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Random things happen in life – can’t deny that.

But sometimes, maybe because of the randomness of life, or maybe because of other factors, I become the randomness itself. 118 more words

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The On-Going EU In/Out Drama

England will not vote to leave the EU. Cameron is calling UKIP’s bluff & watch the ‘Better Together’in the EU’ propaganda become a tsunami near the time of the referendum,  exactly the same as the shenanigan’s before Scotland’s referendum. 62 more words


cead mile failte! Welcome To My Blog! Wilkommen!

Welcome to my new blog page! I’m Sean Gerriard McCloskey – Musician, Writer, Full-Time Father & member of the Scottish Greens Party.

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Some Halloween Fun...

Some tunes to get you in the mood.


Have fun tonight!

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MCX Says QR Payments App Will Pivot To NFC If Necessary, Won't Fine Retailers Who Break Exclusivity

In a virtual press conference today, MCX‘s CEO Dekkers Davidson said “We’re agnostic about technology. We started with QR code-based technology that allows us to go to market broadly. 528 more words


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I am already against CurrentC, not because it may be a reasonable way to pay for these companies. But they go to the step of not allowing Apple pay or Google wallet as choices in their stores. I know it's contractual but it needs to change, to exclude 50 million apple pay users is dumb.

Top of the Mountain

Just ever so grateful to live where I am right now.

A beautiful house with a beautiful view. Where else would I want to live? 106 more words

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Peering deals speed up U.S. Netflix streams, but European ISPs still a lot faster

Good news for FIOS customers: Verizon’s fiber network is now officially the fastest way to access Netflix in the U.S., at least if you discount regional ISPs with smaller footprints like Google Fiber. 319 more words

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