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"A Dictatorship of Relativism . . ."

8/23/14 – Cheyenne, WY – In 2005, Pope Benedict XVI said, “We are living in a world which has largely surrendered to a dictatorship of relativism. 208 more words


A little more about Khans...

Is anyone else getting excited for Khans of Tarkir? Okay, so we’re Magic players and we get excited about any upcoming set but, still, Khans has a lot going for it: it’s a wedge set (but not block), there’s time travel, Sarkhan Vol and a unique draft structure… 1,239 more words

Magic: The Gathering

California Dreaming - the west coast road trip

Just wrapped up a great vacation with my beautiful wife. We flew into SFO and took a road trip up to Portland. We’ve always wanted to drive the Pacific Coast Highway and it was a good excuse to visit California Wine country. 1,079 more words

Personal Commentary

A biographer worries...

A big challenge for the biographer when his subject died in the trenches is, frankly, stylistic: should he/she go with the deepening muffled drums, the lugubrious blanket that descends on your prose as the end draws closer? 165 more words

George Calderon

A biographer dreads...

A very successful biographer asked me how George Calderon died.  I replied that he disappeared in the smoke of battle.  ‘Ah,’ he said, ‘that’s lucky for you: you’ve got a clean ending, not long years of decline, dementia etc.’  As a technical observation, I suppose, that’s true.   127 more words

George Calderon

The Legalization of Marijuana Bandwagon - and Liberal Obstinacy in the Face of The Facts

8/9/14 – CHEYENNE, WY – On June 26, 2014, I blogged about word coming from the Colorado Detox Network, which related that the latest DUI/DWI stats show an increased number – a doubling – of cases in Colorado in the last six months where marijuana was found in the blood of drivers killed in auto accidents. 466 more words


What's happening to removal?

By now most of us are familiar with M15 – I’ve done a few drafts and attempted to put some new decks together – and are looking to build new decks and generally look towards the future, especially in terms of Standard. 1,779 more words

Magic: The Gathering