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Lacunae: the 'benefits'

So (see my post of 21 January) we do not know a great deal about George Calderon’s training at Fort Brockhurst between now and the middle of April 1915, nor about his relationship with Kittie in that period, because of the lack of epistolary evidence. 354 more words

George Calderon

I Met Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1965

I’m thinking about Martin Luther King, Jr. On June 14, 1965, I met Dr. King at a week long training in Atlanta, Georgia. We were there to prepare for registering black voters during a time when it was dangerous for blacks to register and vote. 476 more words

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How I Learned to Love the Draft

In the Atlantic (January/February 2015) Joseph Epstein argues in favor of bringing the draft back.  He comments, “A veteran of the Cold War-era draft argues that once again sharing the burden of defending the country would produce better foreign policy – and better Americans.” How can that be?
Check it out. 

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A review

George’s commission was dated 9 January 1915, which was a Saturday, and on the same day the literary magazine The Athenaeum came out with an unsigned review of his translation of Il’ia Tolstoi’s  854 more words

George Calderon

Lessons to be Learned From the Charlie Hebdo Massacre and its Aftermath.

Cheyenne, WY – 1/9/15 – The Charlie Hebdo massacre by two Muslim brothers in Paris reveals, at one and the same time, the extent of the blindness of the French people and French authorities to the penetration by Islamics into their society, AND the expertise and determination of French police in hunting down and eliminating the Muslims responsible for this terrible tragedy. 123 more words



Dude, fuck everyone whose making my brain hurt right now. Loud noises and fucking madness need to stop.

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Permanent Nausea

Every time I walk into this room I immediately begin to feel nauseous, and the dull but consistent pain in my head increases. I feel physically ill at this worthless job. 15 more words

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