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The Peter Pan Factor

If ‘Adventure’ was essential to Calderon, as Kittie said, what part did this play in his so desperately wanting to get to the Front?  Probably quite a lot, as my last quotation in ‘Thirty Quotes from George Calderon’ on this blog suggests. 175 more words

The Great War

Kittie again

The other ‘st’ word of the Edwardian period is ‘stout’, as in ‘stout fellows’ (used by soldiers of their comrades).  It is described in dictionaries today as ‘ 83 more words

The Great War


It should be clear from my posts of 18 and 27 August that Kittie Calderon felt deeply frustrated by her husband’s ‘finality’, as she called it, about going to the Front when no-one was asking him to enlist at the age of forty-five. 274 more words

The Great War

"A Dictatorship of Relativism . . ."

8/23/14 – Cheyenne, WY – In 2005, Pope Benedict XVI said, “We are living in a world which has largely surrendered to a dictatorship of relativism. 208 more words


A little more about Khans...

Is anyone else getting excited for Khans of Tarkir? Okay, so we’re Magic players and we get excited about any upcoming set but, still, Khans has a lot going for it: it’s a wedge set (but not block), there’s time travel, Sarkhan Vol and a unique draft structure… 1,239 more words

Magic: The Gathering

California Dreaming - the west coast road trip

Just wrapped up a great vacation with my beautiful wife. We flew into SFO and took a road trip up to Portland. We’ve always wanted to drive the Pacific Coast Highway and it was a good excuse to visit California Wine country. 1,079 more words

Personal Commentary

A biographer worries...

A big challenge for the biographer when his subject died in the trenches is, frankly, stylistic: should he/she go with the deepening muffled drums, the lugubrious blanket that descends on your prose as the end draws closer? 165 more words

The Great War