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Under distinguished protection

Probably this evening, Sunday 18 October 1914, at eight o’clock, Calderon, Fitzgerald and other sick and wounded left Ypres in another juddering ‘motor lorry’. They drove for four hours. 221 more words

The Great War

Language issues again

The version of Binyon’s ‘For the Fallen’ published in The Times (see my post of 21 September) seems to contain a misprint in line 11: ‘stanch’ instead of ‘staunch’ (‘to the end against odds uncounted’).   247 more words

George Calderon

End of Settling In

Tomorrow we’ll talk about what October’s theme is, let’s just say I’ve known Mr. LAA for a year now, so love is in the air. Hang tight. 155 more words

Personal Commentary

29 September 1914

It is clear from something Calderon wrote to his wife at the end of October that he did suffer from bouts of depression whilst he was an interpreter with the Blues.   235 more words

The Great War

Have I actually relaxed?

It’s nearing the end of “settling in” theme month here on LAA. And I know the question on everyone’s minds is…”Have I actually relaxed?”

I would say in many ways I have. 465 more words

Personal Commentary


There are no letters from George to Kittie on 23 or 24 September 1914.  At first this seems odd, since he had been writing to her every day.   473 more words

The Great War

Jonesin’ For: Get the House Organized Version

No seriously. The house.

I’m sorry that I’m not sorry that I have organizing OCD. But when you move from 2,200 square feet by yourself to 1,500 square feet with another human and then add animals back in and then carry the four…well, organization is necessary. 799 more words

Personal Commentary