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Apple-1 Hand-Built By Wozniak Sells For $750K In New York Auction

NEW YORK (CBS SF) — An Apple-1 that was hand-built by Steve Wozniak sold for a staggering amount in a New York auction Wednesday.

The Apple-1 was the original personal computer, first introduced by the company in 1976 when Apple was still being run out of Steve Jobs’ Los Altos home. 104 more words


HP Will Unveil New Computing Product Called Sprout Next Week

When Hewlett-Packard announced it would split in two — one company devoted to PCs and printing, the other to enterprise IT — CEO Meg Whitman said one area the PC side would explore is “new computing experiences.” 371 more words


Internet trolls in Britain could face up to two years jail under proposed legislation

In the wake of a number of high-profile cases of abusive and threatening behavior on online social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and others, the British government has proposed a new legislation… 266 more words


Razer is reportedly a billion dollar company now

Razer, known for its gaming peripherals and devices, has joined the elite club of billion-dollar companies. According to a TechCrunch report, the San Diego-based company recently attained a valuation of over $1 billion, thanks to new funding from Intel Capital, the chip giant’s venture-capital arm. 208 more words


Facebook's new Safety Check feature tells friends you're safe during natural disasters

Facebook has launched a new feature that aims to help you connect with your family, friends, and loved ones during or after natural disasters. Dubbed… 154 more words


South Korean ISP set to unveil 10Gbps fiber connection, 1GB download in less than a second

One gigabit per second (1Gbps) fiber connections like those offered by Google Fiber is considered the Holy Grail of broadband in the US. The truth of the matter, however, is that Americans lag (no pun intended) far behind other countries in terms of Internet speeds. 198 more words