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Will loss of language skills lead to a breakdown in society?

“If we lose our language skills will we lose the ability to communicate with one another which will then lead to a breakdown in Society?”

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Google algorithm change has killed search traffic to pirate sites

Last week, Google altered their search engine algorithm to demote some of the most “notorious” piracy-related websites. The new algorithm is designed to direct people to legitimate sources of content when they search for terms such as “download”, “free”, or “watch”, displaying prominent links to content providers such as Amazon, Spotify, Netflix and others. 184 more words


Things You Need To Work At Home

So you have decided to join the numerous people who are now enjoying the liberty to work at home, but have no idea on what you need to have so you googled “things yous need to work at home”? 496 more words

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The History of Dell

Dell Computer was started by Michael Dell in 1984. He was a student at the University of Texas-Austin. He got the idea to sell customers computers directly. 76 more words


Computers in a Communist World, Part 2: The Personal Computer Revolution

When the terminals were first sold on the open market in the 1970’s very few people had any experience with them.  It was for that reason that the first buyers were organizations like hospitals or nonmilitary government bureaus (police, libraries, census bureau, congress, etc.).  477 more words

Apple-1 Hand-Built By Wozniak Sells For $750K In New York Auction

NEW YORK (CBS SF) — An Apple-1 that was hand-built by Steve Wozniak sold for a staggering amount in a New York auction Wednesday.

The Apple-1 was the original personal computer, first introduced by the company in 1976 when Apple was still being run out of Steve Jobs’ Los Altos home. 113 more words


HP Will Unveil New Computing Product Called Sprout Next Week

When Hewlett-Packard announced it would split in two — one company devoted to PCs and printing, the other to enterprise IT — CEO Meg Whitman said one area the PC side would explore is “new computing experiences.” 371 more words