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It's 2 AM and my computer died!

Its 2 AM you’re working on homework due the next day and all of a sudden the unthinkable happens. Your computer decides to freeze up. Even worse, you can’t seem to get it back up and running. 245 more words

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Personal Cloud - as revolutionary as the Personal Computer

Some of you will remember those days back in the early 1990s, when the personal computer revolutionised the way we worked. The IT Manager was no longer the most powerful person in the organisation, in the past allowing you access to a terminal once a week for a few hours, which was linked to a mainframe contained somewhere in the cold basement, in order to find information. 194 more words

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The Remarkable Self-Organization of Ants

Bridge made with their own bodies
They have only a few simple rules for building complex structures
‘…The researchers discovered three main rules: The ants picked up grains at a constant rate, approximately 2 grains per minute; they preferred to drop them near other grains, forming a pillar; and they tended to choose grains previously handled by other ants, probably because of marking by a chemical… 384 more words



Carl, a young psychic, has an application at home to practice and hone his mental powers. It’s not named in the film, so I’m going to call it DuoMento. 1,140 more words

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PC shipment estimates for the first quarter of 2014 are out from both IDC and Gartner, and as usual the two companies disagree. IDC shows Apple falling to 4th place in the U.S., behind Lenovo, while Gartner has the company remaining in 3rd place just  75 more words

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Logitech Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard K830: $100 shipped

The Logitech Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard K830 looks like a great product for those who want to control their TV-connected Mac/PC or other USB-enabled TV/ Media center wirelessly in darkened rooms. 501 more words

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