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3 Reasons To Get a Financial Advisor

Are you your own Financial Advisor? Do you talk to a different person every time you go to your bank to change your investments or make changes to your accounts? 335 more words


Penny, The Integrator!

I took a Business Chemistry class this morning, where we studied personal behavior patterns to determine insights about individuals and how we can better interact with one another. 157 more words


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Aware of the increased amount of people who ride bikes in Boulder, the city has made major efforts to ensure the safety of their residents. 187 more words

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This photo was taken my brother on his way to work.  With the expense of parking in Denver, biking to work is much more practical for him.   26 more words

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Biking for commenting purposes are recognized by certain cities and towns.  Bike paths and lanes are necessary to accommodate the amount of cyclist on the roads

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Biking can create a sense of freedom, we can do it independently and it is a fast and enjoyable way to get around town.  Growing up in a somewhat rural town, commuting to work, school or to a friends house was somewhat difficult, as certain locations were miles apart.   57 more words

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Cycling is one of the easiest ways to exercise, it builds strength and increases muscle tone, builds stamina, improves cardio-vascular fitness, eats up calories, improves heart health and coordination, while reducing stress.   16 more words

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