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From the Green Notebooks, Excerpt LXI

Barbershop Quartet, Part Four: A Visit With Parents

“My boy the hairdresser!” Floyd’s father laughed. “Wait ’til I tell the guys.”

Those were the first words that Floyd heard upon returning home from the Ecuadorian Barber College where he had received heavily discounted training in exchange for English tutoring. 421 more words

The Green Notebooks

From the Green Notebooks, Excerpt LX

Barbershop Quartet, Part Three: Phone Cuts

Floyd was sweeping up the shop when the phone rang. It wasn’t the wall phone in the front of the shop but rather the squat black one in the back office. 264 more words

The Green Notebooks

Fighting Our Pasts

Not long ago I realized my biggest weakness. It isn’t my big heart, nor my desire to make others happy, but rather my inability to cope properly with the pain in my life. 472 more words


Dry Run Deadline: How Personal Demons Can Be Addicting

I kind of uber failed at my #writemotivation goals for last month. I actually forgot that this was a new month, until last second May 31st when I realized I needed to post my goals. 721 more words