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I feel the warmth from the blacken sun shining upon me

With its obsidian rays blazing through my entire being

Leaving soot like that of a charcoal ashtray… 134 more words


I Wish it was an April Fool...

…to say that I feel like death warmed up today.

Perhaps yesterday’s post took everything I had; perhaps the wet, dank, cold and frankly irritating weather has ensured some nasty little bug has settled quite happily in my system. 428 more words


Which side of the mirror?

Me again (yes, I know, two in one day! Promise this will be it for bit).

I don’t like doing self-indulgent on here. Tried once or twice when I first started blogging and you just come across as poser-ish (at least that’s how it read to me). 391 more words


My inner child has grown up

P!nk makes me cry. Her older stuff at least, but it’s without fail. Sure, we all know her music is about pain, the past ripping you apart, and inner turmoils that serve to make her not fit in, but that’s not what rips tear from my head. 1,498 more words

Entrepreneur's Mental-Blocks

Generally, most, if not all, entrepreneurs starting a small business for the very first time experience a combination of these mental and emotional blocks. The list below derived from “The Six Figure Second Income” summarized is a general overview of a few of these mental blocks. 676 more words

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