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The Lonely Battle

Snow fell, silent and thick. It shortened space and rendered all sound muffled. My four wheel drive truck was essentially useless without the tire chains I had not thought to put on. 1,547 more words


Mood Swing

How quickly do bright blue skies turn a morbid gray

When these demons of past experience come to play

Unwavering and without distraction their persistence… 247 more words

Images And Words


You don’t want me to love you. You don’t want me to believe in you. You don’t want me to have faith. You don’t want me to retain any hope. 488 more words


Oh, Father.

I often wonder how life would have turned out if my father had a role in it. If all those years ago he didn’t walk out. 111 more words

The transporters

Reunification is harder than I thought it would be.

There are so many people involved and I feel like we’re not considered part of little “Jade’s” life, just her transporters. 609 more words

Foster Care