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Let's Make a Movie!

“A suburban housewife terrorizes her new family as a way of exorcising her own personal demons.”

Will the monotony of my life drive me insane? 100 more words

The Light Within Us....

We are often afraid of darkness. We run from it, we hide from it and we avoid it at all costs. We surround ourselves with artificial lighting at night which comforts us and our spirit. 1,467 more words

Blogs!! Blogs!! Blogs!!

A short review of Personal Demons (Hopeless, Maine #1) by Nimue & Tom Brown

I can’t recall ever starting to read a book with a nice cup of tea, with rose scented candles flickering on the table and soft Celtic melodies playing in the background. 179 more words


Bed of Lies -- My Return to South Carolina

No, I would not sleep in this bed of lies
So toss me out and turn in
And there’ll be no rest for these tired eyes… 736 more words


Green Chip

I live in a more run down part of New York.  Maybe back in the 1940’s it was a captain of industry and commerce, but now it is more of a run-down neighborhood bordering “slum” status.  2,034 more words

Short Story