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Giving Birth to Purpose, Part 1: Creation Groans

Romans 8 is a discussion about purpose. Although we pull Romans 8:28 out of this context in order to make refrigerator magnets and bumper stickers, to devotionalize Scripture that should be as practical as eggs for breakfast, the weight of Paul’s words rests upon the symphonic orchestration of All toward the fulfillment of God’s purpose, through people passionate about God and positioned, ordained, assigned, and chosen for that purpose. 1,006 more words


Giving Birth to Purpose, Part 2: "We Groan With Childbirth Labor"

Paul says, “Even we groan, having the Spirit’s first fruits as adopted sons of God while awaiting the redemption of our bodies.” Our bodies being the natural aspect of our total being that contacts the physical world and will ultimately received fuller redemption when we receive a glorified body. 1,185 more words

Revival and Riot: A Season of Contrast

Dr Don has been prophesying a season of Awakening in America for several years that would be marked by both revival and riot. The Awakening will bring holy riot to the kingdom and chaotic riot to the streets. 323 more words


Choosing Spiritual Children

To some extent Jesus had to deal with the leaders Father gave Him. He didn’t pick the ones He wanted so much as He matured the ones He was given. 2,173 more words

Feed Passion, Test Submission

Leaders learn deeper submission through passion-motivated endurance.

Feed passion in emerging leaders. Let passion be the motivating impetus of their leadership. Feeding passion does not produce rebellion or pride. 1,241 more words

Apostolic and Prophetic Maturity

Apostles and prophets are foundational leaders. They function in foundational ways. They are continuously involved in the process just as Jesus the Chief Cornerstone remains the One who sets length, breadth, and height. 889 more words