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Mature Enough to Work in a Team?

Note the words of Holy Spirit concerning Paul included Barnabas; that is, note that God sent them together, building team ministry by Divine design. This wasn’t a mission board strategizing but God designing. 511 more words

Apostolic Blueprints

Paul gives revelation insight into resets of the kingdom that occurred when Jesus ascended to be with Father. Quoting prophetic words from the Psalms that mirror the moments when David brought Glory into Zion and fed the nation, Paul frames the Ascension with a sense of bringing Glory and kingdom together into function. 575 more words

Prophetic Presbytery

Defining terms for “prophetic presbytery” is a good beginning point. The concept is being discussed, but the concept also has variants forms of meaning. Why? Because of usage of the terms in church polity and applications of the terms that are inconsistent with their use in Scripture. 334 more words

Prophetic Maturity, Prophetic Process, Part 1

Consider the phrasing of Paul: “The spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet.” Couple that with Peter’s statement: “Whoever speaks, let him speak as one who speaks the oracles of God.” Further consider, then, that prophets are responsible for what they speak, and what they speak should represent God. 857 more words

Rebellious Unbelief

No doubt rebellion and unbelief work together to stop God’s people dead in their tracks. No doubt that God identifies some disobedience with unbelief and responds to disobedience as rebellion. 465 more words