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Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Night Dreams

I used to brush my teeth, put on sleeping shorts, climb under the covers and hit a 7-8 hour black zone called sleep, after which I’d open my eyes and go brush my teeth again. 514 more words

Practical Stuff

You're More Fun than You Think

There were three of us. It was a cold, gray morning. We sat on the patio furniture outside of Starbucks. The streets had not yet filled up with the daily buzz of traffic and hardly a soul was to be seen in the surrounding shopping mall. 677 more words

Goodness Of God

Mini-movements Maturity

Maturing mini-movements offer structures for simple spiritual strategies that every member of the Body can understand, practice, and perpetuate. As mini-movements form, they plant both seeds of success and failure at their inceptions. 1,905 more words

Unity is Not Unifying: Your Place in the Ecclesia

1 – Unity in the Body derives from shared purpose.

To move in oneness, the Body must be completely representative of the Head in all its spiritual systems. 2,081 more words


A Prophetic Vision for North Florida

Isaiah 45:8 – “Distil, O heavens, and pour out your righteousness (norms of heavenly behavior). Let the earth open wide so both rescue that restores and heavenly norms can sprout up. 1,075 more words

Kingdom Leadership Dynamics, Part 4, Five Spiritual Leadership Dynamics

All kingdom leadership dynamics function spiritually. The kingdom is a spiritual kingdom. The leadership has spiritual dynamics. The empowerment and authority is spiritual first but affects people, places, and things by spiritual power and authority. 1,555 more words


Kingdom Leadership Dynamics, Part 3, Principles and Protocols

A kingdom always functions on principles and protocols. The principles of God’s kingdom rest upon an agreement or covenant, or I would say, “a covenant agreement.” The terms of the covenant speak to the way the covenant operates. 1,938 more words