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Apostolic and Prophetic Maturity

Apostles and prophets are foundational leaders. They function in foundational ways. They are continuously involved in the process just as Jesus the Chief Cornerstone remains the One who sets length, breadth, and height. 889 more words

Live and Lead as God's Remnant

Understanding remnant thinking begins with God’s definition of the term, His strategic purpose. Don’t apply the meaning of modern culture to the word “remnant” to discover God’s strategy. 1,830 more words



To understand what God understands, we need to think like God. We don’t need to think everything God thinks – impossible! – but we need to think what God thinks. 962 more words

Born to Lead

In answer to the question – “How does God choose leaders?” – we might review revelation fundamentals about God and how He does stuff. Our Biblical worldview should include the presuppositions of Creation, Redemption, and Restoration; for outside the context of Bible revelation, we usually fail to filter out humanism, animism, and occultism, creeping confusions about identity and destiny. 1,107 more words