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Sorry! My calendar is full!

Do you receive many meeting invites? Do you find that your calendar is full most of the time? Do you have to go to meetings unprepared? 259 more words

Personal Development

Wisdom of the day (08/22/14) Potential

I will tell you this because I am not in the habit of lying, I don’t have it all figured out. But I think I know a lot about life and Life is about being happy I should think, I believe I have that happiness thing pretty much figured out. 840 more words

Personal Development

Yod-a, Yod-a, Yod-a… (Pay attention, the Yod’s not just talk. It’s action.)

Sometimes things just aren’t what they seem.  You’ve heard of the standard “writer’s block,” right?  Well, my recent writer’s block felt anything but standard.   Too fuzzy and undefinable.  808 more words


Train Your Mind - It Works!!!

For some of us it is difficult to believe there is good in everything. Sometimes it seems there is just no good to go around, life is difficult and bad things happen. 1,796 more words

Positive Thinking

Mean People Suck

Mean people just generally suck.

Not my most creative written work but it’s the truth and there’s no need to mask it with flowery language and puffery. 548 more words

Personal Development

SWEAT Pledge Part 2

Continuing through the SWEAT pledge, today I will be touching on numbers two and three (If you missed it, you should check out the first one… 518 more words


Sometimes A Hypocrisy

That’s how we live our lives, don’t we. And we expect people to understand us fully. How? Simply by giving excuses.

This is how we have been doing thing! 107 more words