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Who are my Friends- Part 11

As I draw a close on this friendship series, I would want to encourage us to try as much as possible to be the best of friends we can be to others. 327 more words

Character Building

Quote of the Day

You can’t chase happiness. You’ve got to find it where you are.

Line from Christmas on the Bayou


What Is The Use Of Crying?

Have you ever experienced a moment when you become simply overwhelmed by a lyric in a song that you’ve heard for the first time? That happened to me this week with Seal’s ‘Just Like Before’. 417 more words


When Your Vision Becomes BIGGER Than YOU

Lying in bed last night as I began to pray and thank God for my many blessings and the opportunity to bless others I realized that somewhere my “why” shifted, no I take that back my “why” has grown. 366 more words


Your Life in Leadership

Life is too short to be little. – Benjamin Disraeli

As defined by John Maxwell, leadership is influence. With the influence you have as a leader, you can add value to the lives of others by your leadership style. 234 more words

Unlocking Your Potential

I believe every person – every being – holds the power within themselves to achieve just about anything they can imagine. But often times we’re too distracted, and unable to tap into this God-given power. 346 more words



I can tell you what the key to life for me is, but we are all going to be different. I can be having the worst day ever and have something terrible go wrong and more bad occurrences happen one after another after another throughout that day and I can come back to this thought, think and analyze my situation for a minute or two, and instantly feel better. 521 more words