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Building for tomorrow

“Inspire by the greatness of yesterday, we can engage in building for tomorrow today.” #bgdtcoaching.

Being inspired by the greatness of yesterday, be it in the form of architecture, art, intrepid lives or tales of daring deeds, we might choose to unleash our potential and get to work… 269 more words

Brian Groves

The Right Attitude Is Everything

There are just moments when your children make you proud not because of what they’ve done but because you can see that what you’ve been telling them has miraculously seeped in. 249 more words


The Value of Negative Thinking

While this column usually focuses on topics such as positive thinking, some people believe that negative thinking or pessimism has value as well. If you have studied any self-improvement material over the years, this may come as a surprise to you. 7 more words

Week 1- Master Key-My Mastermind Journey Begins

Today is a memorable day for me.  It is October 1, 2014,  and the date on which I am creating a blog about my first week in Mastermind Alliance.   553 more words

Master Keys To Life

Hello Sunday Morning: Holy sober! I remember that

I just came across Hello Sunday Morning today, thanks to a friend, Sam, who posted about it. I love the concept: redefining our relationship to alcohol, one sober Sunday at a time. 641 more words

I Am

Week 1 - The Journey of a Lifetime Begins


This is the beginning of a Journey,

unlike any journey I have ever taken.

Together, with men and women from around the world, guided by those who have gone before us, I embark on a path of awakening, led by a group of committed Guides and daily practices that lead to the mastery of my body and mind, harness the power within by the  focus of my thought to become the potent creator of my new reality, a life based on the burning desire in my Being and the definite purpose of my Living.

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The Live Your Legend Blogging Challenge

I “stumbled across” Scott Dinsmore’s Living Your Legend website a few weeks back. (I use the quote marks for deliberate implied irony, as I’m not sure I have just… 220 more words

A Life More Random