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Ratatouille. Those unfamiliar with the word may struggle with pronunciation and wonder what on earth it means. Several may think of the Disney movie where the main character is a rat. 274 more words

Personal Development

what is the thick darkness?

If we are not careful, our lives will pass by without us actually living them, without inhabiting them or embracing and tasting the fullness they contain. 827 more words

Joseph Campbell

Epiphany of Yesterday

Completely recognized simply sharing the connection breathing, bending,stretching, twisting, being truly aware of this body, and smiling makes within the self is what I’m supposed to be doing. 139 more words


Get a free Kindle version of "Angels in Action"

On Monday, February 2nd   a free Kindle version of my book “Angles in Action” will be available on Amazon. I would love it, if you would write a book review and post it on Amazon, and Goodreads. 29 more words


Risk taking - are we all playing it too safe?

Back in August 2013 my son Brendan Canty was telling me about a music video he had been working on that he was really excited about. 848 more words

Greg Canty

A kick from an Information Flaneur

Back in August last year I responded to a blog post by another Librarian – but didn’t publish it. It sat in my files forgotten and the busy-ness of life took over. 1,119 more words


That’s how I feel when I realize I’ve fallen into the trap that is a constant temptation for me: not finishing what I start. I know everyone struggles with this to some degree, but I also know that it’s a particular weakness for my personality type (ie, Sanguine/High I personality from Personality Plus/DISC). 307 more words