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What do my Travel Guides think? - part iv (final part)

So Mr Nelson Mandela

Should Scotland be and independent country?

Many of us feel that we are the victims of oppression, that our voices are silenced, that our contribution is not welcomed or valued. 212 more words

Personal Development

Defining Your Day

I was excited to see my copy of Norman Ackroyd‘s book The Stratton Street Series and my day planner arrive from the UK on the same day last week. 273 more words

What differs a person who suceeds and who doesn't in network marketing ?

The answer that Robert Hollis provides is simple – He became a lifetime learner.
He learned from the best who have achieved what he wanted to achieve.


The secret to living life fully…learned from kids

Something happened after the age of 5. It was like a switch was flipped and suddenly, the world became an intimidating, scary place. In those first five years of my life I was bold. 551 more words

Personal Development

What am I doing here!? - a question for all early-years students .....

………and the obvious answer – ‘studying for my degree of course!’

Great – and lucky you! – 4 years to study a subject you love in depth, at a great university. 646 more words

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Finding My Way Back

It’s been months since I’ve sat down at a keyboard to write a blog post.  Part of that was planned, okay really only the first couple of weeks, and the rest of the time is due to my desire for balance.  947 more words

Personal Development

The Only Lonely One

I used to think I was the only lonely one.

Everyone seemed to have so much going on — so many friends and interests and achievements. 623 more words