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Coaching Question Of The Month

What thought is crossing your mind right now?


Lessons in Headstanding

Early in my yoga explorations I went to a class where the teacher led headstand. This was my first time trying anything like it, and without even lifting my feet of the ground, I started to panic. 799 more words

Do You Believe In What You Sell?

Have you been struggling the past few weeks? Has negativity crept in? I’ve got news for you, you are not alone this happens to every salesperson. 375 more words


Are You Challenged?

How do you feel about challenges? Do they scare you? Do they invigorate you and light your fire? Do you jump at the chance to take on the beasts known as challenges? 532 more words


An Art to be Learned

First, I’d like to thank everyone for their response to the last post. Your answers were incredibly helpful! Kidding, I’m being playfully sarcastic because no one responded at all. 718 more words

Sales & Selling - Are you a salesman or a solutions man?

I’ve been doing some personal development recently, and reflecting on certain aspects of life, work and whatnot. And I seemed to spend an extended period thinking about “Being a Salesman” 757 more words


Diversity: Beautiful & Necessary

This summer, I had the opportunity to serve as a leader for Young Life’s Student Leadership Project (SLP). The tagline for this experience is “Preparing high school spiritual leaders for a multicultural world.” Each person shared a common passion: our relationship with Christ. 391 more words

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