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Happy Easter And Happy Every Other Day Too!

Just wanted to say …Happy Easter!  But remember, happiness isn’t just reserved for special days, it’s something we can have and be every day of the year. 24 more words

All of Life Supports Me

April 20, 2014 – Easter Sunday


All of Life Supports me.


 I realized this morning that I am indeed supported by all of life. I was simply in judgement.

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False self vs. Real self

Teal released a new video on false self vs. real self yesterday. It got me thinking about myself and my life. Do I really know who I am or do I just think that I know who I am? 1,166 more words

Me & My Life

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.”
-Robert Schuller

Through every dark cloud there is a brighter day. Keep your head up, your eyes on the your dreams, kick the doubters to the curb, believe in yourself because you were born amazing.

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Biggest Tech Downside?

Technology is Making People Lose Empathy for Strangers
Will you even just look at a needy stranger on the street when you’re busy with your gadget? 439 more words


Intro, Experience = Life Choices

I was introduced to the Network Marketing world in 2010. My first Multi-level marketing company I was exposed to was Xango. I never knew the position as an independent distributor, I also didnt know the possibilities of being able to make a six figure income off of a juice product that you share with your “warm market” which is close friends and family and slowly branch out to the “cold market” of non-family and friends to expand your “business” and wealth. 813 more words

Ganoderma Lucidium


I had one of those dreams the other night that startled me awake and left me feeling cold. It was incredibly realistic featuring major characters from my life and the events in the dream, while disturbing and unpleasant, were entirely plausible. 1,674 more words

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