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Beatlemania (1963)

Barbara Ehrenreich has argued that “Beatlemania” was more than what it seemed. The teenage girls who expressed such a passionate love for the Beatles did not actually want to have sex with Paul McCartney. 641 more words

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Busted by the Wikipedia Police

While it would be hard to call any film by John Ford “obscure” I think it’s pretty safe to say that The Horse Soldiers (1959) is no longer widely viewed. 840 more words


World War III: Stateless ponzi schemes of power

A continuation of thoughts from World War III

The European empires brought their system of states and state governance to every part of the world they occupied. 3,921 more words


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A terrific essay on how the Ponzi Scheme set up by the global corporate mafia is sold as a meritocracy.

iPhone 6: boring, but must-have?

There have been substantial delays in my advance order for iPhone 6 Plus (apparently Apple underestimated the demand), and I have had some time to reflect on why I want to get the damned thing in the first place. 936 more words

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Job Interview

Is there any place under capitalism where the balance of power is more uneven than it is at a job interview? Theoretically, it’s a voluntary process. 1,747 more words

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Godspeed You, David Graeber! Anarchist Professor Commits to Go Fight in Syria

Think you know courage? Think again. Then, think again while envisioning David Graeber, Professor of Anthropology at the London School of Economics, who has just today volunteered to go fight in the trenches for the protection of the people of Syrian Kurdistan. 505 more words

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Amusing satire about a desperate situation on the border of Syria and Turkey. Nevertheless, people like David Graeber deserve to be mocked. Liberals have been getting spun on the Middle-East since 2002. Are the people defending Kobane the good guys? Are the people besieging it the bad guys? Yes. That's probably true. But David Graeber, Juan Cole, and the rest of the liberal, pro-interventionists are engaging in for what the lack of a better term might be called "The Propaganda of Narrow Focus." Since 2002, the United States has consisently made things worse in the Middle East. ISIS itself is a product of the destruction of Iraqi and Syrian civil society caused by western meddling. Will bombing some of their tank columns give Kobane some breathing space? In the very short term, it might. Over the long term, it wil only make things much worse. Even Juan Cole admits American bombs need American ground troops on the ground as spotters. Do we really want to go down that road again? In the end, of course, whatever David Graeber or his political opponents do is pretty meaningless. If tens of millions of people in the streets in February of 2003 didn't stop the invasion of Iraq, a debate between some relatively obscure intellectuals isn't going to change very much. The United States ruling class is going to do what it wants, whatever any of us say. As for Graeber's attempt to raise money to help the people defending Kobane, good luck to him. I'd like to raise money to help Hamas defend Gaza from Israel. But if I tried, I'd go right to jail, and for a very long time. In other words, the only reason Graeber is allowed to raise this money in the first place is because the United States government wants him to.

QEII Challenge Cup preview

Keeneland Racecourse in Lexington, KY opened for their prestigious fall meet last weekend to much fanfare. This weekend the excitement continues with the Grade I QEII Challenge Cup, a race named in honor of Her Majesty after she visited the racetrack 30 years ago. 319 more words

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