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Chili peppers and avanto

My new pet theory is that avantouinti (literally “hole-in-the-ice-swimming”) and love of chili peppers are¬†somehow related. At least here in Tampere I can find people who do both: go out in extreme cold, and jump to the lake, and eat extremely hot chilies. 192 more words

Personal Diary

Wrecking Ball: I Fell in Love

I, a wall of sheet rock
You, the wrecking ball
Your sight and scent,
A hitherto unfelt awe-
Numbed and left me in shock

I was a small raft… 92 more words

Personal Diary

My Health is My Business

I love the idea of sharing information that other people don’t know. You can learn something new from each person you meet. I think it’s great that we can share things like, 579 more words

Personal Diary

The Seductive Illusion of Wisdom

The elite, much like the ignorant, suffer a common problem: the illusion of wisdom. The learned man despises the uncultured, uneducated state of the ignorant man while the ignorant thrives on a foolish upper hand of ‘wisdom’ the learned deem foolish. 411 more words


Grass Will Grow

After the storms
The grass will grow
And stubborn weeds will stick out
Boldly from the concrete floors
Like the valiant hand of life

After the storms… 62 more words

Personal Diary

On Edge, At the Edge

I’m a pawn
On the masters board
I’m a puppet
Dancing to foreign drums
I’m a mouse
Trapped in a strange house
I’m a ghost… 75 more words