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Happy birthday mom!

Today is my mother’s birthday (yay!) and this morning I woke up with the willing to make her a present. I tried to cook a cake, but the result wasn’t what I expected. 71 more words

Personal diary

Welcome English

I’ve begun university 24 days ago. It’s a whole new life. I’ve decided to study languages and English is one of them. My university requires a B2 level in English and I have it, even if not officialised by a certificate, but it has to be solidified. 205 more words

Personal diary

What is family?

I love the way my family acts. We are all friendly with each other. But for family I mean only the small group of the four of us: my father, my mother, my sister and I. 180 more words

Personal diary

A new diary-life

I’ve always wanted to keep a diary and express my feelings and thoughts constantly, but I never succeed. I tried many times, but probably I wasn’t mature enough. 262 more words

Personal diary

Journalist Celebrates the Ongoing Destruction of Syria

First things first. I’m not one of those leftists who feels compelled to defend rotten old Soviet era dictatorships like the Assad regime. I’m old enough to remember the destruction of Hama. 336 more words

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Beatlemania (1963)

Barbara Ehrenreich has argued that “Beatlemania” was more than what it seemed. The teenage girls who expressed such a passionate love for the Beatles did not actually want to have sex with Paul McCartney. 641 more words

Personal Diary

Busted by the Wikipedia Police

While it would be hard to call any film by John Ford “obscure” I think it’s pretty safe to say that The Horse Soldiers (1959) is no longer widely viewed. 840 more words