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The Song of the Man On The Last Straw

Am alone but not lonely
In the dark but at peace
I have found strength in my weakness
I know that no pain lasts forever… 65 more words

Personal Diary

The Way To Zen : Tini's Path

In time, love will find you. In time, the universe will conspire for your own good if you are good. A choice today is a consequence to live in tomorrow, be wise. 169 more words


temporary fear

It was super awesome how God can calm the raging emotions inside you.


Few days ago something happened and so I felt the need of a friend, and I knew that no one else would understand what I’m on about except “him”. 307 more words

Personal Diary

Unfinished story.

Each night before I end my prayer I pray for that guy who captivated my heart.

I’ve always asked myself if it was wrong to ask God for that specific person. 1,081 more words

Personal Diary

Emotional Manifesto: v.1

I seem to have several intertwining yet distinctive phases of “negative” emotional states that each has their own challenging obstacles. Now, to preface this piece, I want to say the following: 1,683 more words

Emotional Health

Le sigh

The weekend has come to an end, departing before I had the chance to do something fun. And tomorrow morning I must resume the tedious, thankless task of managing my parents as they run around like manic, headless chickens to and from work. 256 more words

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Personal Diary