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On My Recent Twitter War

I suppose it had to happen. Spend enough time on Twitter, and you’re bound to get into a rolling flame war with multiple attackers that only ends when enough people get blocked. 1,212 more words

Personal Diary

Anti-Imperialism vs. Anti-Anti-Imperialism

I’m going to link this blog post without comment.


I had originally reblogged it with a brief description of my criticisms, but the author of the blog post objected to them so strongly I decided I had probably misunderstood what he was trying to say.   82 more words

Personal Diary

Break Free

Oh no! No. No. It’s not a post about Ariana Grande’s Break Free. It’s about me. It’s about a bold step that I’ve taken. Oh yes, I have decided to stop, breathe and reflect upon life. 613 more words


Happy birthday mom!

Today is my mother’s birthday (yay!) and this morning I woke up with the willing to make her a present. I tried to cook a cake, but the result wasn’t what I expected. 71 more words

Personal diary

Welcome English

I’ve begun university 24 days ago. It’s a whole new life. I’ve decided to study languages and English is one of them. My university requires a B2 level in English and I have it, even if not officialised by a certificate, but it has to be solidified. 205 more words

Personal diary

What is family?

I love the way my family acts. We are all friendly with each other. But for family I mean only the small group of the four of us: my father, my mother, my sister and I. 180 more words

Personal diary

A new diary-life

I’ve always wanted to keep a diary and express my feelings and thoughts constantly, but I never succeed. I tried many times, but probably I wasn’t mature enough. 262 more words

Personal diary