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Just very, very grateful

This has been an extremely challenging week. But at the end of it all, I come home to a weekend of rest and relaxation, and sincere gratitude for all the good that is in my life. 76 more words

Personal Experiences With TBI

A whole new me shows up

It’s interesting. My neuropsych is about to get to know a completely different side of me, which I suspect they had not encountered much before. I’m not even sure if they know this side of me exists. 260 more words

Personal Experiences With TBI

Welcome new readers

I see there are a bunch of new readers here. I just checked my stats, and it looks like a handful more people are following this blog. 467 more words

Personal Experiences With TBI

Three hours off, two hours on, three hours off...

I’m up at 2:30 a.m., decompressing. Things at work are mighty tense, with multiple deadlines coming, and a lot of details to cover. I have done a great job, up till now, keeping things going, and now it’s coming down to the wire, and I’m realizing that there are certain things I let slip — either through oversight or just plain laziness. 668 more words

Personal Experiences With TBI

Surviving a Stroke at 33 (and Blogging About It)

Christine Hyung-Oak Lee suffered a stroke when she was 33, and she has written about her experience in anĀ inspiring personal essay for BuzzFeed. 967 more words


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Writing can do wonders for recovery from brain injury - in this case, recovery from stroke (acquired brain injury) by someone who has a strong online presence. I'm posting this, then I'll go check out her blog at http://jadepark.wordpress.com/

Deadline done. Now two days to myself.

Thank God for small favors. After a couple of crazy weeks, my spouse is gone for a business trip, and I have the house to myself for two blissfully silent days. 48 more words

Personal Experiences With TBI

Two more days... two more weeks...

I’m counting down to the weekend — two more days, till my week is up, and I can rest and sleep. I have had a full week, with late nights of working. 276 more words

Personal Experiences With TBI