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The Danfo Files: Interior Decor

The first thing I saw when I got into the bus was the two big teddy bears placed in between the driver’s seat and the front passenger’s seat. 444 more words

Personal Faith

The Danfo Files: The Fight (a poem)

Glistening sweat on bare backs,
pushing and shoving
as the the BO reaches an all-time high in that dense mass of tangled legs,
arms and other unnamed objects. 96 more words

Personal Faith

What Is Faith In My Reality

Peace Earthlings!!!

what is faith?  in my reality faith is what i know and understand.  it’s further along than where i was previously in the belief cycle, where i was learning, trying, hoping and working on.  369 more words

Life Notes

Survival of the fittest? No, not here.

On my way to work one morning, something happened that made me shake my head at the general attitude we have as a society and a nation. 574 more words

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Late night

Hey, how have you been? Here I am, lying on my bed by 10:57pm, bone tired, but not brain tired. My thoughts are busy at work, dreaming up the kind of life I want to have and what I should do to get it, while my body screams “Sleep!”. 155 more words

Personal Faith

Are your eyes full of logs? Or love?

Je suis fatiguée. Oui. Yeah,  I’m tired. Or rather, “ayam tayad”, in local yarn. But I promised myself I’d write something and post today. Hmm, now what am I gon’ write about? 230 more words

Personal Faith

Wet Wipes

(other brands are available)

A Carer’s Perspective on Dementia and God

This is an edited summary of some thoughts I offered at a Study Day on Dementia Awareness held on 15 November 2014 at All Saints Keighley, the material having also been delivered in October at the Reader’s Week-end at Parcevall Hall. 1,182 more words