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Let's Be Clear--Genesis 23 Final

God said, let’s be clear–because you have not withheld anything from me, I am going to use you to change the world. I will bless you with an amazing legacy of lineage, land and impact. 193 more words



While waiting for my car to get washed on a sunny day, I sat under a tropical almond tree for a shade. After sitting for a while, I decided to ease off the boredom by walking around the tree. 660 more words

Bible Study

Bold. Humble. Intimate. Putting the past behind.

My friend, Simon, the Pharisee, was having a grand party that day. All of the really important people of the Temple were there… the priests, the servants, the scribes. 947 more words

Personal Faith

A reflection of faith

The Way of life, now…
…is a Gift that our Creator has already delivered and is waiting only for acknowledgment of receipt.


The Danfo Files: Interior Decor

The first thing I saw when I got into the bus was the two big teddy bears placed in between the driver’s seat and the front passenger’s seat. 444 more words

Personal Faith

The Danfo Files: The Fight (a poem)

Glistening sweat on bare backs,
pushing and shoving
as the the BO reaches an all-time high in that dense mass of tangled legs,
arms and other unnamed objects. 96 more words

Personal Faith

What Is Faith In My Reality

Peace Earthlings!!!

what is faith?  in my reality faith is what i know and understand.  it’s further along than where i was previously in the belief cycle, where i was learning, trying, hoping and working on.  369 more words

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