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Saw this on Facebook, and my first reaction was “No shit!” Mark Cuban, billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and host of Shark Tank, was interviewed by… 506 more words

Personal Finance

How To Better Use My Time (L10)

I was raised in the public school, broken home, fend for yourself kind of setting. From a very young age I found myself juggling my fourth grade homework and cooking dinner for my two baby brothers. 359 more words

Personal Finance

Contemplating Grad School

The last couple of months I’ve been casually toying with the idea of going back to grad school. I’m not sure how serious I actually am about this–some days I’m really serious about it and confident that I should get a Masters. 433 more words


Understanding angel investing

Your good friend or a close relative or maybe an advisor approaches you with a business proposal. She is very convinced about the idea and believes that you would make tons of money by taking a small risk. 610 more words

Investment Philosophy

High deposits an essential element of property purchase

Most people experience some minor form of financial headache every now and then, an unwanted blip on life’s radar.

You might recognise situations such as the one just before payday when, unable to afford it because your current account balance is a little on the low side, you buy something using a credit card (rather than a debit card) and promise yourself to settle the bill before it starts accruing interest. 694 more words


Thinking in Net Worth

Note: This post is the first in a series of blog posts intended on providing easy to read primers on the most important aspects of personal finance. 881 more words

Millennial Finance

The Big Picture: Equities have been the best bet in Indian context

We have always propounded equities as the asset class to be in over a long period of time. Equities provide you instant liquidity and tracking abilities. 609 more words

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