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Auto vs. Manual: Personal Finance Showdown

When it comes to handling personal finances, there are two kinds of people: those who take care of it manually, and those who automate everything. Manual people tend to be more controlling, constantly checking balances and physically transferring money from account to account. 689 more words

Personal Finance

"Man, I messed up with my money," and other common financial problems

Jim Franklin loves writing the Money Matters series to help even more people than he can as a personal finance consultant.

One of the most common sentences he hears these days is from young people in their mid-twenties to early thirties who have learned lessons about managing money the hard way-by struggling. 208 more words


The Real Reason I Stay Healthy

Sure, looking good, feeling great, and the other myriad benefits to living a healthy life are a plus, but the real reason I stay active and eat healthily is money. 375 more words

Personal Finance

Making the Right Financial Decisions

I once heard a speaker say, “Every decision is a financial decision”. To a certain extent, this is true.

Yes, we are faced with choices everyday and there are endless decisions to make in our lives. 569 more words


Ignore ISA benefits at your peril

Almost inevitably, following the Chancellor’s much-heralded March Budget, pensions and the obvious advantages of contributing to one, became the financial press’s new ‘big thing’.

Self invested personal pensions in particular, formerly considered to be both an expensive and restrictive means of saving for retirement, had been popular amongst what might be called the ‘financially literate’ for some time. 649 more words


Is investing in curated online stores (esp. fashion stores), fashionable?

The recent trend in markets is to start specialized curated online stores by celebrities. Logic is fairly straight forward; celebrities attract crowd and many wannabes. Celebrities sell dreams and people buy them. 582 more words

Food For Thought

The greatest wealth transfer in human history is coming.

See the full post HERE.

Are you ready?

Have you planned how you will transfer your assets to your beneficiaries?

Have you thought about tax implications and how to take advantage of different financial planning vehicles for wealth transfer (like establishing a Trust)? 19 more words