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debt free forever: mastercard

deep down i think i have some weird attachment to this mastercard due to it being my first. however today it was time to let that go… 197 more words

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Cashcards: for emergencies only

Older readers may remember the original ‘cashcards’ which first appeared in the late 1970s, although not all banks issued them. The ones distributed by NatWest, which allowed you to withdraw a tenner, were battleship grey in colour and credit card in size and pockmarked with a series of punched, coded holes. 686 more words


debt free forever: 2013 taxes

so i had originally started this post as something else. and then i re-wrote it and hit publish… and needless to say it didn’t work. so lets try this again: 250 more words

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Finding a School

I posted last month that I’ve been thinking about graduate school. I’ve made the decision to go for it! I’m hoping to start a program next fall. 319 more words


Mortgage Durations and Monthly Payments

Buying a home is a major event in our lives, and the excitement can easily overshadow the long-term financial commitment we’re about to make. We tend to view a mortgage much like a car loan and focus on the monthly payment, while overlooking the cost of the loan or total amount of interest that will be paid over the life of the mortgage. 681 more words

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The Morality of Work and Wealth (L25)

The morality of work and wealth is much simpler than it seems when first considered. Although there are many specific jobs that can be argued either moral or immoral by different people, I like to think I take a pretty basic, and arguably ‘fair’ stance on the subject.  282 more words

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Broke with a Dream

I’m broke… So broke I have at least 5 toll free numbers that call everyday and I simply hit DECLINE. I don’t have the energy to deal with nor do I have the money to pay them. 170 more words