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Plan your pension because winning the lottery is a long-shot

“Yes, perhaps we’ll win the lottery,” said the attractive brunette sat a few places to my right.

Smiling, despite her misfortune (neither she nor her husband had yet scooped a seven-figure lottery jackpot in almost twenty years of trying), our co-dinner guest was asked to explain how she would spend a multi-million pound win. 687 more words


Welcome to Dimes to Dough

Greetings! Are you interested in becoming debt-free? Maybe you’re just looking at getting your personal finances in order. Or perhaps you want to be a millionaire. 86 more words

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Getting in Shape for Less: How to Save Money on Athletics & Exercise (L45)

We all know the struggle; to gym, or not to gym. But, after all the excuses we conjure up to avoid going to work out, physical health certainly isn’t the only thing… 637 more words

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I owe $1,168. Yup.

I owe exactly $1,168. Please and thank you.

The good news? I cut up my credit card and I’m back to a cash only existence. 49 more words

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Call Me Bob! - Let's Make a Budget

This is my favorite advertisement. I spotted it for the first time in downtown Chicago a year or two ago. My job involves working with excel spreadsheets about 90% of the time and I actually love that about it. 711 more words

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What’s in Your EPF Account – and why it’s important to have one

I don’t really think of myself as very financially literate, which I realise is not a good thing. Now that I’m past my early 20s (le sigh), I figured it was time to start learning a little bit about personal finance. 488 more words


Don't Invest In Mutual Funds, And 11 Other Counterintuitive Tips From Billionaires

Four years ago, after watching the global financial system nearly melt down, I began an amazing journey to find a way for individual investors like you to… 1,643 more words