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Biggest losers: These companies slashed their long-term debt to zero

If you’ve paid off your credit cards, you know how much shedding debt can boost your income and your attractiveness to others. And what works for individuals works for corporations as well. 268 more words


where we're going, where we've been

My husband and I face-planted into adulthood.

He had just graduated from college, and we found out I was pregnant. Cue the wedding…and the frantic job search. 563 more words


Financial Planning Tips for Specific Life Stages, Part 2

The following information was published
by the Massachusetts Society of CPAs.

Your Career

Vital tips, whatever your job, whatever your income.

(1) Understand your benefits package. 284 more words

Cozby & Company

Senior Discounts List

Senior Discounts

No one likes getting older, and no one likes overspending on everyday items. As luck would have it, we’ve found a solution! Well, not for the getting older thing. 335 more words

My Life

Pictures Paint A Thousand Words

Why is it so hard to save money?

It’s always easier to deal with today; what’s staring you in the face. When you’re immersed in the moment, nothing else should matter. 350 more words

Young Adults And Money

Will Your Credit Score Get A Boost?

The creator of one of the most widely used and influential credit scores, FICO, said that the latest version of its score would no longer weigh medical debts — which account for about half of all unpaid collections on consumers’ credit reports — as heavily as it did in previous iterations. 239 more words

Home Ownership

Mortgage Tax Benefits Reality Check

We often hear that owning a home with a mortgage provides a tax benefit at income tax time since mortgage interest is tax deductible, but there’s a bit more to it. 444 more words

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