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Simple tips for STAYING physically active

I meet people allllll the time who are excited and extremely motivated to get “fit”. They convince themselves that they are ready and have all of the best intentions in the world to change their lives. 743 more words

6 gute Gründe für Personal Training

Infos zu Personal Training:

6 gute Gründe für Personal Training – pdf-Datei:





Jörg Linder / Master of Arts in Gesundheitsmanagement und Prävention

JÖRG  17 more words



Bild:  Jörg Linder / Vibrationshanteln

Mehr zu Vibrationstraining finden Sie hier:



Jörg Linder / Master of Arts in Gesundheitsmanagement und Prävention

JÖRG LINDER… 21 more words



Bild:  Jörg Linder / Trinkhalle  / März 2014

TRINKHALLE BADEN-BADEN - ein gutes Trainingsrefugium bei Regen.


Mauerbergstraße 110

76534 Baden-Baden

Tel.: 07223 / 8004699… 10 more words


Self Love and Fitness

So you may be wondering what the hell self love has to do with fitness..

I’m sure most people think that all you need to do is go to the gym, workout and go on a diet. 673 more words


On a similar note to last week’s post:

To anyone who says “be happy with who you are, as you are” – Respectfully: go fuck yourself. You’re deluding yourself and anyone you tell this to into laziness. 410 more words

Nutrition in the media

There are so many crazy diets out there these days.

It’s enough to make your head spin..

I think the weirdest one I have seen recently is diet coffee! 278 more words