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Recovering from whiplash

It’s now pretty much 5 months since my whiplash injury and what joy it has been… not!

Although the impact of the car was relatively low I have been amazed at just how much of an impact it has had on my life. 463 more words


Three For Your Thighs

Hey, so I tried a video. I’m still pretty amateur with this and the audio quality turned out horrible (working on this!) but I hope you like it all the same. 63 more words


Leichtfüßigkeit und Koordination

Bild;  Jörg Linder
Training für die Leichtfüßigkeit und Koordination / Das ist wichtig, in jedem Alter (auch wenn man nicht mehr bei Olympia starten wird). 44 more words


New ABs Installed

So there we have it… the 30-Day AB Challenge well and truly finished, licked, sorted, done and dusted.

Has it worked? Do I look and feel different? 740 more words


Working it out

344 days left

Lately, I’ve been doing a pretty good job pretending to be an adult.

My car broke down, so I took it to the service center. 352 more words


Oh Dear, What Have I done??

ABS is a braking system, isn’t it? But for some rather strange and unknown reason, Uncle Spike ‘volunteered’ to join a Facebook Group of former work colleagues doing an ABS challenge. 142 more words