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A Female Philosopher's Marriage: I am Keeping My Name.

I will be marrying my fiance this August 10th. This is an interesting position to be in because I am a female philosopher and have a very strong sense of an independent self. 457 more words

Feeding the Rich From the Pockets of the Poor

Bob L. Just My Opinion
June 13 2014

But as a Senior Citizen, have you ever noticed that Government, Yuppies, and now Millennials are quick to say how much seniors get and say they are costing this Country a lot of money that could be used other places, like for themselves, but they for get that their time will come soon enough that they will think that they are not getting enough, like now, where they are taking part time jobs from school kids who use that money to help pay for college and supplys for high school, these Millennials are making sure these kids won’t get those jobs because these Yuppies, and Millennials are in the process of shutting them down, or out of reach for these kids that need these jobs. 709 more words