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Review by Chris Pavesic of "Red Queen: the Substrate Wars"

Book blogger Chris Pavesic has written a kind review of Red Queen: The Substrate Wars:

Red Queen: The Substrate Wars begins with a quotation from Robert Heinlein’s 1950’s novella, …

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Religious Freedom For Some But Not Others

Bob L.     Just My Opinion, But It Depends On Who You Are.
Dec. 20th 2014

Whether you are a U.S. Citizen or not, the Government or the Courts do not have the right to say  who has the rights to religious freedom, that is what the United States Constitution says, freedom of religion. 473 more words


On Liberty Sectional Analysis

On Liberty Sectional Analysis

In “On Liberty”, John Stuart Mill attempts to analyze and explicate the boundaries of social authority and personal freedoms and sovereignty. In the provided text, Mill attempts to describe, through the usage of metaphors, how the most infamous figures in history have been silenced because their thinking was too radical for the time period they lived in. 297 more words