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Make down not Make up

One of the many many aspects of living with chronic conditions is that your personal care becomes less and less on the scale of importance. When you take an hour to be able to move (thanks fibro) when you wake and the first thing you reach for are your meds because you feel awful and live on a medicine time schedule the importance of putting make up on is below zero. 998 more words

Shave? Yay or Nay?

I really must warn you, this post makes no sense and may not add any valuable lesson to your life. Read at your own peril (I seriously question my sanity sometimes…) … 614 more words


Something I always tend to struggle with is finding the time and motivation to actually make myself look good, of a morning.  As someone who loves her sleep, getting up in the morning equates to being hauled out of a nice warm house and into a thunderstorm while wearing nothing but your underwear and being forced to perform a circus act involving fire torches and parachutes.   1,550 more words