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Day 719: Mean girls

The word “mean” has several meanings. Would it mean  I was being  mean if I didn’t list those meanings, but didn’t mean to be mean? Does your meaning of mean include what somebody means to do? 776 more words

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So, yesterday I walked into a little cubicle on a college campus & took my first standardized test in apparently 30 years.  Unless I am experiencing a memory gap, the last test like this were the SAT’s when I was a Junior in high school (maybe a senior but we will leave it at 30 years). 257 more words


December 20, 2014

How much in your comfort zone are you at the moment?how do you feel about that?

Personal Growth

A Diverging Road, 3 Ways to Approach a Life-changing Decision

I’ve recently been accepted into three medical schools – the University of Texas Medical School in San Antonio, UT Medical Branch, and the University of Texas at Houston Medical School. 1,274 more words


82. Are people mirrors of ourselves

Cocoa Island, Maldives Oct 2013 – photo by Peter Caughey


Are people mirrors of ourselves

There has been a lot written about how other people are a reflection of ourselves and how we can see ourselves through other people. 1,230 more words

Breaking Free From The Stories That Limit Us

Back In Training: Week Six: Oh, the Pain!

As I write this my posterior has seized up and my abs feel like I’ve laughed incredibly hard for the last 24 hours!

I am in pain. 851 more words