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Dream a Little Dream

Sometimes when she would sit
and contemplate her dreams.
And if she sat long enough and truly
thought about it-
she would begin to realize she and her life…
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Personal Growth

Flow Glow and Go

Flow Glow and Go

Cowboy Wisdom Visionary Vitality

Robert A. Wilson’s author’s page www.amazon.com/author/robertawilson

I now beam my esteemed flow glow and go in the utopian universe to realize I am the star in my never ending Broadway Show telecasting my Rodeo Bravura… 525 more words


How to Get the Most From Irritating People

You don’t want to understand irritating people. You want to control, correct, or eject them. Leaders who don’t understand irritating people resort to authority and miss opportunity. 278 more words

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Day 669: Spontaneous

Today, I’m writing spontaneously. While I thought about possible topics, yesterday, for today’s  post, I decided to pick this title at the last minute and just see what happens. 871 more words

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Last Day of Sabbatical

A year ago, I skipped out of my job as a management consultant. Consultancies are great places to work… The burn out and staff turnover rates are high, so firms invest in staff retention practices, like offering up to 12 months of unpaid leave with a guaranteed job to come back to for staff in good standing. 434 more words







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Who needs zombies and blood-suckers to scare them when we have nightmarish relationships with some of our bosses, co-workers, friends, and family?

I may be exaggerating a bit, but I was recently reminded what a major contributor to life-sucking conversations and fear-ridden negativity I was for… 72 more words