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Attract with an attractive personality?


Do you have an attractive personality? Do you know someone with an attractive personality? Have you ever met somebody for the first time and the person’s personality gripped your attention or inspired you in a way that you wanted to be like them? 238 more words

Get Your Butt Moving and Get Some Money In Baby!

As I wrote in the First Post, I’ve always been very poor. And when you are poor, most of your friends are going to be poor too. 1,026 more words


The Train of Thoughts to Nowhere

My meditations recently have been filled with thoughts of the future. My mind doesn’t want to let go of it’s desire to plan. For what? This winter. 410 more words


Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving is one of those conduits through this life I’ve been living since 1951. No, I don’t remember each and every one of them, but I do remember many. 636 more words


80/20 Rule


This video doesn’t exist

I wanted to explain in a short video, the 80/20 rule and how it applies to our working environment. The devil is in focusing on the detail, with this angle on the 80/20 rule, we can focus on the detail without even realising it. 160 more words


We all deal differently

We all deal with things differently. Going through the death of my son has shown me that in so many ways.

I was at a conference recently where I saw and reconnected with people who I haven’t seen in a long time. 972 more words

The out-going introvert

Introvert. Out-going.

Two words that seem to contradict each other yet I consider myself to be both.
An introvert is generally seen as someone who is shy and tends to keep to themselves; someone who prefers solitude or just their own company over being around others; someone who is usually overwhelmed easily in crowds and large gatherings of people, even people who they would consider friends or family. 819 more words