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Freedom versus responsibility

An older friend once quipped to me that if not for my family responsibilities, I would have been a wild free spirit without any anchor in my life. 270 more words

Personal Growth


I don’t want your photograph
I don’t need your photograph
All I’ve got is a photograph, you’ve gone straight to my head

Def Leppard… 673 more words

Online Dating

The Value of a #Support System

Imagine traveling 17,000 miles and not being able to take your children with you for an entire month.

Think about your spouse spending a month overseas, you working full-time, one child starting school for the first time, and another child who is a toddler. 189 more words


3 kinds of active dreaming

In the A to Z of Becoming, D can stand for Dream. Let’s consider three different kinds of active dreaming this week.

Probably when you first think of dreaming, you think of the dreaming you do when you are asleep. 829 more words


a life in two parts

Some choices we live not only once but a thousand times over, remembering them for the rest of our lives. ~ Richard Bach

Ten years ago this evening, I entered into a relationship that changed me forever. 394 more words


5 Questions to Ask Yourself That Will Help You Reach Your Goals Quicker

As you embark on your personal Path to Professionalism, you must fully analyze and know yourself in order to reach your long-term goals and ultimately reach full potential in your career and personal life. 870 more words

Personal Growth