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Where past and present collide

Something happens when we break away from the shackles of our daily grind to explore the world. It’s something bigger than the people we meet or the places we see. 352 more words


The shape of the space

Here are two buildings I visited recently in France. The first is a church and the second is a castle.

In both cases I was struck by the beauty of the arched ceilings and looking at them both together I here I see how different they are and remember how different it felt to be inside each of these buildings. 20 more words


ROSEMARY'S EXPLORATION: How's That Planning Thing Going for You?

We can plan.  We can organize.  We can expect.  And then Life Happens.

Have you ever had a plan, had everything organized down to the tiniest detail, and set your expectations on that plan working out exactly as you planned it?  598 more words

Guidance For Conscious Living

Benefits of Journaling.

Today is another one of those cold wet Winters days, and it is lovely to sit at the table with a burning candle, soft relaxing music in the background, and my lap top just tapping out some more thoughts on Journal writing. 419 more words


Day 28: Destination-Hospital de Condesa, 13.6km

Yesterday I passed into Galicia and this morning I walked the first 3.3 km in the rainy haze and rolling pastures that is reminiscent of Ireland. 182 more words


How I lost my sight

By Dorcas Solomon

As a sixteen year old I was convinced I had lost everything – when you have no sight, you wonder how much you can really accomplish. 371 more words


Reading is Fundamental....

Today has been a beautiful day. Peace has filled it. All praise to the Creator for this day, the ones previous, and the ones that will follow.  114 more words