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Overcoming Myself

Lately every time something good happens, it seems that it is followed by something bad. So onto the roller-coaster of emotion I go – good to bad and then the bad gets worse as I beat myself up and tell myself that this is how life is meant to be. 770 more words

Love's Source (Haiku)

The beloved waits

where mind, seeking no object

encounters love’s source


Your Dream Messages


Descent is a vital process whereby a person can ‘sink’ into their unconscious depths to discover or learn about their deepest motivations, challenges, abilities, and needs.   530 more words


Day 319 – It’s Over.

Money spent: $0   

11 weeks after I left the most horrible company in the world, I finally settled.

It’s still not what I had hoped for. 309 more words

The Pursuit Of Riches

The Trap of Assumption

We humans assume a lot of things. I still find myself falling victim to it often and it’s something I’m trying to be more aware of. 870 more words

Personal Growth

Open To Receive

You, whom we call healer

won’t you take a break

from the sanctuary?

come, take a moment

to warm your weary hands

at the hearth of an open heart… 156 more words


It’s All Good


Saying it’s all good does not mean that terrible things don’t happen or that people can’t be cruel or abusive. It means releasing the labels of good and bad so we can learn from every experience. 274 more words