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10 Ways to Rise and Thrive After Disappointment

The disappointments of the sincere destroy them.

The worst thing you can do with disappointment is live with it.

5 sources of disappointment:

  1. Self-evaluation based on ambiguous standards.

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Why My Counterpoints Failed

I always considered myself to be fair and reasonable.

That was the first problem.

My relatives have often pointed out that I am opinionated and defensive. 102 more words


How Your Brain Deals with Overload - Infographic

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Remember the famous ‘This Is Your Brain On Drugs‘ commercial from the 1980s? While this infographic, ‘How the Brain Copes with Information Overload’, may not equate your brain functionality with a frying egg, it’s not much better — especially for multi-taskers, as “multitasking increases time to complete tasks by more than two times and increases errors.” 


The Skeptic's Guide To Meditation - Infographic

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When ABC News anchor Dan Harris had a panic attack on live TV in 2004, what was the most embarrassing moment of his life also prompted major lifestyle change. 83 more words


A week of Wwoofing in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the many countries that participates in the Wwoofing program. Wwoofing (Worldwide opportunities on organic farms) is a program that allows the volunteer (Wwoofer) to work four hours a day on a farm in exchange for room and board. 1,193 more words


How To Be Alone (Without Being Lonely)

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By Hannah Braime 

We have more tools and resources to connect to each other now than ever before. Yet, with this ease of connection comes a price: we unlearn how to spend time with ourselves. 708 more words