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Who I am and Where I am from.

The first memory I have is of a radiant yellow sensation staining my vision, even after I closed eyes. I had been staring into a light bulb above my parents bedside table and by some force I couldn’t comprehend, the yellow radiance and incandescent filament remained etched into my vision for a spell. 703 more words


The Dingling Brothers Circus

I eye the sixteen foot ladder, propped up sideways, hanging precariously between two studs, wedged against the side of the garage.  Part of Butler’s weekend construction project. 164 more words


Get Ready...Get Set...Write! Wait I'm Not Ready Yet!

NaNoWriMO is coming! (National Novel Writing Month) November is the month where writers hide from the “real” world as much as possible and spend their time writing a first draft from beginning to end. 160 more words

Personal History

Some Lines a Day...

Browsing through Powell’s Books recently I came across a selection of 5-year “memory books” or journals. These immediately reminded me of the 5-year diaries with locks where we as teens scribbled our deepest secrets that we dared not share with anyone (except sometimes our best friends). 407 more words



The thing about death is that you can’t remember what a person sounded like. You forget all the little things that you once knew. The sound they made when they opened up the front door, the way they walked, the way they laughed.” 316 more words


The music box

The Daily Prompt: “What’s your earliest memory involving another person? Recreate the scene — from the other person’s perspective.”

“John! … JOHN! Would you do something about that crib? 702 more words

Writing Prompts

you were promised a rant

about the furor around the Panthers’ low home attendance, and a rant you shall have.  This kind of stuff makes me cranky, in part because I’m a southern hockey fan who’s deeply invested in the legitimacy of non-traditional markets, and in part because conversations about attendance tend to have an undercurrent of elitism and privilege that irks me.  835 more words