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The Waiting is the Hardest Part ... actually giving birth is ... but ...

The Waiting is the Hardest Part – well, I’m pretty sure actually giving birth is harder than waiting, but …

Five Years Ago Today … an… 739 more words


Walt Whitman and the Amityville Horror - an Abby's Road anniversary!

Walt Whitman and the Amityville Horror

Five Years Ago Today … an Abby’s Road anniversary


            September 30, 2009. The baby was due tomorrow. Of course, by now the baby’s delivery date had been delayed and cancelled more times than a Jeff Beck concert, but we were cautiously optimistic. 604 more words

Review And Commentary

Testy, Very Testy

“Did you take your migraine meds?” Butler asks me conversationally.

“Are you going to ask me that every day for the rest of my natural born life?” 203 more words

Loving Reposte

Day 15: Evening melancholy

The town fell silent as early as six in the evening. The scattered light of the dusk brought with it an inertia intensified by the fading sounds and voices. 487 more words

Personal History

What stays in our kids' hearts and spirits?

PREFACE:  I was 16 and had been living in West Africa since I was 3 and loving it, when I wrote the below entry. “Kribi” was a place at the beach, in the then nation of French-speaking Cameroun, where our family of 7, and many other families, sometimes spent vacation.   668 more words


The Handwriting's on the Wall...

Putting pen to paper is always such a nice change to pounding on a computer keyboard, I feel. However, years of heavy typing have left me with a good deal of pain when trying to write on paper these days. 458 more words


Pearls of wisdom from the Buddha of showmen

A casual acquaintance of mine (I’ll call him Cal Tripken), who makes a good living on the motivational speaking circuit in Toronto, sits across the table from me, picking calamari out of his teeth with a dessert fork. 668 more words