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I have issues how about you?

This one time, I was working in a shop and I recognised someone I’d gone to high school with come in. I was putting surplus stock under a table so was obscured from sight, but then… I ran out of stock. 311 more words


Block Party Surprise

That 4th Street summer block party Ellen and I were invited to? We had no idea the surprise we were in for.

We don’t even live on 4th Street, but Ryan and Heather, young teachers from across the alley who were handing out printed invitations (“bring a chair and something to grill”) said we were welcome. 942 more words

Personal History

i meant liion*

Setting the tone for the drive down to see P, on the radio I heard Eric Clapton’s I Shot the Sheriff. I was 7 or 8 when that version came out. 540 more words


more awesome

Last year I wrote about my son and his friends and how wonderful it was that they were so in touch with their own awesome-ness… 153 more words


Latest on Patheos

From my blog Ride the Spiral, I honor Jay, my informally adopted father, who died in 2005.


One: Sanpete County

Sanpete County lies in a valley between the Wasatch Plateau to the east and the San Pitch Mountains to the west. At an elevation of up to 7,400 meters, the climate is harsh; in the winter months, the average temperature is around 0 degrees Celcius, while in the summer the temperature can soar up to 35 degrees Celcius or higher. 948 more words


Just Passing Through!

Sometimes when I go to an estate sale I will notice that the resident of the abode has kept certain things in the same place for a very long time. 562 more words