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Morning Devotion: Making God proud

Every parent loves it when his or her child does well with a song or public reading during a school assembly.

And Christian parents are thrilled when they watch their kids quote a Bible verse or recite a Christian poem during a worship service. 199 more words


Morning Devotion: A friendly thing to do

We know of the wonderful teaching in Colossians 3:17 that all of our words and actions should honor and serve God, whether toward Him directly or toward the people He created and loves. 239 more words


Morning Devotion: Shine, don't whine

They had lost their homes, their jobs and many of their family and friends. And they had been forced to leave their beloved Jerusalem.

In fact, one of their beloved leaders had been murdered and countless numbers of people they loved had been thrown into prison. 290 more words


Morning Devotion: Always do the right thing

The best way to weaken the influence of an attacking troublemaker is almost always by indirect action rather than a loud “Shut up!”

You see, the troublemaker likely won’t shut up and might spew even more poison about you. 372 more words


Personal Holiness Joe Thorn » Gospel Reformation Network

Here is an excerpt:

Thanks Joe Thorn. We want our GRN readers to give this a look.This article orginally appeared on his website. http://www.joethorn.net/blog/2014/9/7/personal-holiness

Yesterday at Redeemer Fellowship we looked at 1 Peter 1:13-21. 212 more words

The Exchange

Morning Devotion: A profitable idea

The Old West wasn’t tamed by farmers who quit work at lunchtime.

Instead, there was feeding animals at sunrise, planting seed in the morning, plowing and mending fences in the early afternoon and repairing barns and checking on animals in the late afternoon until it was dark. 345 more words