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Stepping Up to Step-parenting

I suck at parenting. I admit it, I’m a bad mom. I could make a million excuses for my failure. After all, I didn’t give birth to my daughter. 485 more words


The City's Exciting and Bewildering Peculiarity

A question for you all:

What do eating Tibetan food, attending a Ulysses reading group, tasting Brazilian dough balls, dancing at a disco in a château in the forest with French administrators, trying and failing to get onto a party on a car park roof, and signing up for a technology museum re-design project all have in common? 1,349 more words


Can my identity shape my future path?


Can you be successful without a clear identity? Sure. Do all those who are successful in whatever path they choose have a definable identity? 1,410 more words


Keeping Theseus Afloat

The team at the Theseus Institute for Fringe Studies was always playing pranks on Derek. The tradition had persisted because he usually took it in his stride; but this was different. 709 more words

Flash Fiction

Writing about Identity...three stanzas from a poem Manila

Who was that girl

from so very long ago,

the girl who was in love with you

for four semesters

and one summer?

Brilliant, caustic, charming, 39 more words

Creative Writing

Knowing yourself, more.


Technology has emerged into a virtual world that’s beginning to connect with our physical world. A article called “Going Outside: Facebook & Other Sites;  275 more words

Where Women are Kings- Christine Watson

This is Christine Watson’s second novel and there are a number of aspects of identity that are interwoven throughout the novel.

Elijah is a troubled young boy who misses his ‘mumma’ Deborah greatly. 240 more words

A Level