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Personal Identity and Existential Quantification

We’ll begin with a brief survey of a problem raised by Derek Parfit about the nature of personal identity, then we move swiftly to consider whether such problems can motivate a plurality of distinct existential quantifiers and orders of explanation. 4,214 more words


The Whole of Me

I am not an entity in the abstract. My existence is made manifest in a specific form. I have shape. I have size. I have color. 160 more words

TK's Two Cents

Open Sesame. Pretty please?

Like millions of people living today who are semi-computer capable and who have a love/hate, “but mostly hate” relationship with technology simply because it moves at precisely the same speed as the tip of a bullwhip, I have one overwhelming pain-in-the-backside problem that grows monumentally larger every single day: 908 more words



Following on from this weeks class presentations I thought it would be interesting to explore the idea of memory and its connection to personal identity. It would seem that episodic memories, the recall of personal experiences and events are most closely tied to a person’s sense of identity. 196 more words


The Winter Soldier: How do Actors and Actresses Deal?

Since time is a jumble of non-linear memories and haphazard story lines mixed in with the fantasy world in my head, I don’t remember which weekend, but some weekend ago, an awesome friend took us to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier. 1,223 more words


Self portrait illustration

This illustration is one of a few that I’m using in my personal identity and branding.

Exhibition Week 9

We finally made it ! After many long nights, and heaps of preparation, today was the day where each student in my class hung our work from this term, which will later be opened to the public to see :) It was so great to see everyone’s end product! 18 more words