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Redeemed by God

If we look towards God we will be saved from the distractions of the world and the evil that wants to consume us. When we turn towards God we see God’s arms are open and ready to embrace us with total acceptance and love! 25 more words


Wk 5: Personal Identity

Yesterday, I went to school dressed up unusually fancy. I almost became late for class because I couldn’t decide whether or not to wear a blue or pink colored dress shirt. 176 more words


Be Yourself: A Simple But Powerful Message

Be yourself.  In the postmodern epoch, too many people in the United States and across the globe are focused on being “people-pleasers” and aren’t focused on simply being who they are.   202 more words

Be Yourself

Ego and grief and the spirit.

Recently, in my time of introspection I’ve had an awareness, that there is more at work in my life than simply grieving the death of my mother.   601 more words


An Original Copy.

Well I went out with Meag for fries at 9 and suddenly it’s nearly 2 am. I don’t know how this always happens to me, I’m blaming the YouTube vortex today. 295 more words


Ship of Theseus and Personal Identity

In the Life of Theseus by Plutarch we read a story that harbor’s philosophical questions about personal identity(yes, that was a pun).  Theseus sailed his ship to Crete for a hostage rescue mission.   372 more words


Who am I?

So today I gave my first of (hopefully) many mentoring talks to the middle schoolers and, although most of them weren’t super excited about the idea of discussing harder-to-talk-about-topics (though I did have one class who were very engaged, go me, I know), I still think I got through to most of them (at least I can pretend that I did to sleep better at night). 339 more words