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How one can overcome his/her peer pressure?

Peer pressure is one of the major obstacles that youth is facing nowadays and just like other obstacles, how one can overcome his/her peer pressure is not easy, but it is possible.It’s easy to be influenced by your peers to do whatever they want you to do, but it’s not easy to break through from an addiction or the habit that your peers are influencing you to develop.Peer pressure is so powerful that your peers easily influence you for the sake of being seen as better than others or being part of a particular group. 456 more words


Episode 6: Relationship Management

You probably don’t need two guys on a podcast taking an hour and change to tell you that having friends is important (but if you weren’t aware – having friends is important).  249 more words


A healthier me

I do not like living my life like this, it is not fun and I do not like dealing with all the doctors and medications and testing. 709 more words

Why I chose this path

I have been suffering with chronic pain most of my life. About three years ago I was put on pain killers by my rheumatologist….I am 28 years old. 269 more words

Checking in

Happy Easter, folks!

Been a nice week of packing to move (ha!), but I’ve still managed to get my workouts in. Found an app called Gorilla Workout that offers a series of quick, fairly intense workouts, and I’ve also been on a running regimen. 68 more words


Do you embrace or reject change?

Today formally marks the transition from winter to spring, and while we welcome the warmer temperatures and look forward to an explosion of colors everywhere, we also think about change and hope the new season brings better and nicer things into our lives. 115 more words


Self-Help Books – One of My Personal Favorites as a Key to Personal Development

I love to go to the library, or Barnes and Noble and peruse the “Self Help” section.  I often come home with at least one or two self-help titles, along with a couple of works of fiction for fun reading! 417 more words