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The Lesson

I had a lesson come to me. Again.

Have you ever had a lesson come to you over and over?
“Why?” I wondered….”Why is this happening all over again?” 309 more words

P90 Master Series Recap

Well, I finished phase 1. I didn’t lose all the weight I hoped to lose, but I did build some muscle and endurance for intense workouts. 95 more words


Unlocking the Immunity to Change

The other week, I was talking to my best friend and she told me about a free Harvard course she is taking online called, “ 273 more words

Day 90 - Sculpt 5-6

Day 90 – Sculpt 5-6

Peak HR: 147 BPM

Calories burned: 925 kcal in 66 minutes

And that’s a wrap, folks. I’m now a Power 90 Master.


Growing Up

I think I am growing up.

Sure, on one hand I am an adult – real job, I own property, freaking out about retirement.

But for the most part I totally do not… 272 more words

Personal Improvement

Day 89 - Core Cardio

Day 89 – Core Cardio

Peak HR: 156 BPM

Calories burned: 950 kcal in 66 minutes

Great workout today! It occurred to me that I have substituted runs (or skipped entirely) for this routine the last two or three weeks, so it’s been awhile since I did this one. 47 more words


Day 88 - UML + Cardio Set

Day 88 – UML + Cardio Set

Peak HR: 148 BPM

Calories burned: 900 kcal in 66 minutes

Pretty low HR today. I hope it’s a result of better cardio endurance from the running lately, and not a sign that my HR monitor is giving out on me. 71 more words