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Snowblind Friend

We’re gonna have a little ‘anti-drug’ theme here today I guess…I have some personal interests of mine to share (with brevity) which have that message contained within. 142 more words


Toledo: A City of Three Cultures

A short distance from Madrid, heading south, Toledo makes for a pretty good day trip. Founded by the Romans as a fortified city, Toledo carries the nickname the “city of three cultures,” due to the Jewish, Christian and Muslim populations that once had lived alongside each other for years. 677 more words

Personal Interests

On Cards and Thrones

“For those of us climbing to the top of the food chain, there can be no mercy. There is but one rule: hunt or be hunted.” – Frank Underwood…

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The Forum

Music tracks to increase productivity

Music tracks to increase productivity

I know, all the people are individual and all tastes are different. Nevertheless, here is the list of music tracks, which I believe continuously listening to them increases my productivity while working. 52 more words


A comment on film and digital film

With the recent controversy over the current ‘digital film takeover’  in the last decade I wanted to give my stance on it because I think it should be addressed, by all filmmakers. 433 more words


Wallpaper for my new Chromebook

Above image is a copy of the wallpaper I’ve installed in my new Acer Chromebook.

I did an images search for island beach wallpaper.

Yep. I’d sure like to be there right now. 174 more words

Jim Harwood

The Oscars

I wish I could have posted this sooner but the Oscars this year did not disappoint. Ellen Degeneres’ famous 3.5 million ‘selfie’ tweet, the pizza boy that decided to come deliver pizza for everybody that attended, but of course the winners of the awards. 303 more words