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Creating a Personal Property Inventory Makes Future Insurance Claims Easier

A devastating fire, home burglary or natural disaster—these are events in which homeowners need easy access to a personal property inventory. After the fact, homeowners often have a difficult time recalling all of the items within their possession. 295 more words

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Collecting the Right Stuff

I’m a collector.

I used to collect all kinds of things as a kid. Rocks, stuffed animals, sequined skating dresses and dance costumes, carousel horses, and Barbie dolls with bad homemade haircuts. 364 more words


vitriol y’all.

Speaking of anger, I also enjoy a good rant drenched in vitriol. I love that word: vitriol. It’s Latin: the merging of hatred and motor oil. 488 more words


true be self own thine to.

Here’s the story as I remember it: George Washington chopped down a cherry tree in his backyard. When his dad got home from work, he asked George point-blank: “Hey, did you chop down the cherry tree out back?” To which George replied, “I cannot tell a lie, father. 242 more words


all things being equal.

Checking in helps me live within the realm of the right-sized. Not just with God, though he’s quite helpful. But let’s be honest: he’s also the easiest to fool. 285 more words