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Adventure in Strength

(some times, even I don’t understand my neighborhood)

Let’s be clear. I’m a weak lady. People are far too generous when they tell me they think I’m strong. 555 more words

Personal Issues


I really enjoy being lonely,

It keeps my brain occupied, mostly.

As indulgences go,

It ranks somewhere below,

A habit that could be quite costly.

Personal Issues

Adventure in Concussion

By nature I am not what one would want to call graceful. I’m clumsy. Stupid clumsy. I don’t know if it really happened more than once, but I have multiple memories of walking behind the glider on our swing set and getting knocked square in the face. 457 more words

Personal Issues

I really love you and all you do is hurt me.

R is crying. Sobbing. He’s been here for over an hour.

Fuck. I can’t even look at him. 867 more words


Adventure in Silence

Because of my mounting stress when things start to get chaotically loud. Because of my inability to distinguish brain from reality. Because some times I can’t handle the pressure. 192 more words

Personal Issues

Adventure in Accidental Hobby

Since I’ve moved downtown I’ve spent a lot more of my time wandering. Last summer and autumn I found myself fascinated by something that used to be so commonplace. 267 more words

Personal Issues

Is the new Communication non Communication?

I am a person that wants to discuss issues.  I will tackle difficult circumstances and am not easily frightened by doing something uncomfortable so I wonder is it just me or have people become less able to cope with difficulty? 532 more words

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