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Knee-cap Sweat

Hi there. Yes it’s me! Do you remember me? I’m that person that occasionally used to bother you to tell you about how I was doing some pre-dawn skipping in the garden after eating too much cheese, or telling you that it’s ok not to be perfect, or that we shouldn’t feel guilty because our children aren’t olympic snowboarders by the time that they’re two (although it would be nice – I might get to meet Des Lynam!). 636 more words


Easily Depressed?

Lately i’ve been screwing up a lot. And I don’t know if it’s because of that that I feel like I have a huge weight on my shoulders and I can just stare off into nothing for long periods of time with my mind totally blank. 431 more words


#042; Y o u ' d b e l u c k y


I try to tell you that “tomorrow” is not just a question mark
But an endless vein of white noise
But my tongue is heavy in my mouth… 71 more words


Non-green thumb attempts a personal and seasonal challenge

Let’s just start by saying I have 2 plants, barely. They are hanging on by a single green leaf, literally. I’ve had them for years and take them to the brink of death just to be brought back to health many times. 335 more words


Insomnia Treatment

Insomnia and sleep disorders can come about for several reasons. They may be due to somatic disorders, reactions to medication, or emotional disturbances as a result of unprocessed personal issues. 295 more words

Cause Insomnia

To Billie Joe Armstrong....

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I know that you have a busy schedule, but I want you to read this please. Really reconsider what I”m going to tell you. 698 more words

Personal Issues


Today’s adventure involved getting a visit from a plumber. Jeffrey discovered, yesterday, that there was a leak in the basement under where one of our toilets was located on the first floor. 675 more words