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Pet Peeve

Someone reminded me of a pet peeve I have this morning. It’s when people call this weather “Bipolar.” Maybe it’s my own issue, I don’t know, but it really stings me. 256 more words



I am not a veteran.  I did not sign up to go to war.  I did not volunteer to have hell thrust upon me.  But that didn’t matter to my abuser. 373 more words

Self control. I’m working on that. Today I am really being tested. I just want to jump on someone, but I won’t. I’m a lovely lady, and you will treat me like a delicate fucking flower.


Changes and moving on out!

So today I realized something, as I face a new major life change I have always stressed out, but some how that is changing. This week I was fully notified of my lay off date from my job of 7 years. 423 more words

Personal Issues

Freedom is...

...a state of mind.

I gaze up at the clouds and my thoughts drift to higher places.

A feeling of lightness and hope, regained. 

No matter what life’s path brings, this is a place I can return to. 18 more words


Unshed tears

Crying in my dreams seems to have given me some sort of relief.

I seldom remember or have any dreams at night. And when I do remember it’s almost always those nightmares I had. 399 more words


02. 2014 in Review

It has been another extraordinary year. I have done a great many things. I have learned a great many things. I have come to love a great many more people. 602 more words

Personal Issues