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Adventure in Silence

Because of my mounting stress when things start to get chaotically loud. Because of my inability to distinguish brain from reality. Because some times I can’t handle the pressure. 192 more words

Personal Issues

Adventure in Accidental Hobby

Since I’ve moved downtown I’ve spent a lot more of my time wandering. Last summer and autumn I found myself fascinated by something that used to be so commonplace. 267 more words

Personal Issues

Is the new Communication non Communication?

I am a person that wants to discuss issues.  I will tackle difficult circumstances and am not easily frightened by doing something uncomfortable so I wonder is it just me or have people become less able to cope with difficulty? 532 more words

Various Rambilings

Depressions Mind

It feels as if I’m drowning in my own pity. It’s like I purposely hold my breath in while I watch people smile and laugh and I want to do the same but I myself am the one who keeps holding my own breath. 57 more words


24. The Survival Guide to Family

I spent the entirety of January and part of early February with my dear, dear family in Southern China and Singapore.

Through Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, rain, shine, humid climates and freezing temperatures, I stood by and weathered it all with my lovely grandparents and aunts and uncles to whom my entire winter vacation would not have been nearly as interesting and eye-opening as it was with them. 827 more words

Among 1.3 Billion

Update: March

Choosing a Therapist:

Finding a therapist is easy. Just open your phone book or web browser or ask your medical doctor. Selecting a counselor to assist you through personal issues can be a little more daunting. 59 more words

Annel @ 15 :-)

This will be a first for 2014.

(February 28, 2014) Sorry if I wasn’t at School today to greet you personally and stuff. Happy happy birthday Annel! 274 more words

Personal Issues