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Tired...my nation Nigeria.

I came
I see
I am tired…

The route to the forest,
once laid bare and clear;
has become a path fraught
We do not recognize. 136 more words



Everything has a time

A span to live and a moment to die

Life is fleeting, glorious and short.

It illuminates us all, and the finest glow from within… 178 more words


Week 5

First of all, a big thank you to the people that is now following and reading this blog! You guys are awesome!

I have to say that these have been a strange couple of weeks for the team. 325 more words


Having personal issues is not a good excuse for being a jerk.

”Be nice to your enemies. It’ll make them feel about about treating you badly”

-Romans 12:20, simplified by me.

If there is anyone who has been bullied enough in life, it has to be me. 601 more words

I suck at being a jerk.

“You try to be mean, but let’s face it you are really bad at it.”

That’s the second time I hear that this week. My previous post about God, I was told that I’m such a kind hearted person that it is not surprising that I felt guilt for the things I said/felt about God. 286 more words


The no spoon day

Warning Rant

What is wrong with people? Really If I could have gotten away with it I would have ran over his foot and then back up and repeat. 409 more words

[Poem][Be Me]

Be Me

I push and pull and wonder what could have happened

If I had a different route I was younger

What would I be now if I didn’t pick up a pen and start to write? 74 more words