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it was a poetry reading

Around four yesterday afternoon, for the first time in over a month, I had the crazy impulse to read my poetry out loud to strangers again. 1,138 more words

Alice Keys MD

the festival of the book

“Why don’t you write a blog about this?”

Although I write and publish my thoughts and family life to the world each day, it still startles me to find out that someone knows I’m a writer. 1,120 more words

Alice Keys MD

gramaw's trailer

little girl went far away
  to stay in gramaw’s trailer
slept on open built-in couch
with cabinets underneath

two-person dinner table
wide brown board hinged on the wall… 153 more words

Alice Keys MD

the center of the universe

Even when I dream that I’m someone else, I still know everything from my own self-centered point of view. Both waking and sleeping, I’m trapped inside a dark bone cavern which seems to be the center of the universe. 601 more words

Alice Keys MD

all one bucket

I opened my water bill this morning. Even though our water usage remains in the first tier “conservation” zone, the monthly cost of our water is still higher than it was in Oregon. 913 more words

Alice Keys MD

wind in the door

Yesterday morning was a walking and poetry-writing morning. I walked to the coffee shop at 6:30. Then I sat on a bench and sipped and wrote  outside near the grocery store. 851 more words

Alice Keys MD

nuts and chocolate

morning bird chip chips
squirrel nuts rattle
dawn liquid the bowl

while lemon writing
her chocolate cake
smallest steel funnel

carefully spelled out
words exactly right… 31 more words

Alice Keys MD