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I was blind (but now I see).

Oh my, those eyes… How on Earth had I not noticed Her eyes?

Here I was, gazing into the most incredible, piercing, luminous ice blue eyes I’d ever seen, whilst the whole time my treacherous subconscious was trying to reconcile words like “wholesome”, “homely” and “maternal”  717 more words


monday monday

Yesterday turned out to be the best of Mondays (so far).

Nightmares woke up me up early without alarm or clock. So I made chicory coffee with goat milk and had quiet time and inspiration to write before the sun rose. 1,045 more words

Alice Keys MD

In the beginning: The Universe, random thumbs and being inappropriate.

It isn’t as if I went looking for love…

Sometimes we have no control over what the Universe decides we deserve, and in my case I was very lucky indeed that the Universe was paying such close attention. 1,524 more words


worlds without end

eyes linger soft long
this artist who paints
portraits of heart worlds
caresses found truths
ten times before brush
touches colors once

ten thousand glances… 43 more words

Alice Keys MD

words matter

It matters how we talk about things. The words we use don’t simply demonstrate our relationship with our world. The process of thinking, writing and speaking shapes the world of experience. 898 more words

Alice Keys MD

riding the brush

Yesterday was a full and exhausting day. Today I woke up at four with a headache and my eyes glued shut. I went back to sleep on the couch till after seven and missed my appointment with the poetry muse. 526 more words

Alice Keys MD

barefoot love

While I love and appreciate my hands for all I’m able to do with them, I have more than a just passing fondness for that pair of unsung heroes at the bottom of my legs. 1,004 more words

Alice Keys MD