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six weeks and counting

Yesterday, I drove Robert to the San Jose airport. He flew almost 3,000 miles to Florida for a job interview. He chases the trail of the wild goose and fishes for the elusive red herring. 744 more words

Alice Keys MD

green denial

When I drove north last weekend, I knew I was close to the Oregon border before I saw the “welcome” sign. The buff-colored, bare boned and rock-strewn hills of northern California became infused with pale lime green. 709 more words

Alice Keys MD

house envy again

We’re at the end of a twelve and a half hour drive from Capitola to Portland Oregon. We’re in a good-enough cheap-enough motel next to the freeway. 419 more words

Alice Keys MD


bones rattle. hoops hiss. worlds turn. stars wink.
hearts fill with light and exhale whispers.
always there’s a thrum and mist of sound.


hear silence beneath. 42 more words

Alice Keys MD

transylvania, phone app mecca and high integrity

In only one month, I’ve begun to attach to this place. We may not have long-term housing but we’re here.  And, after our French adventure, I think of my exploding gallbladder and side trip to the hospital as “settling in” and “networking”. 947 more words

Alice Keys MD

dust devils, spy drones and zombie apolcalypse

This morning I was spun from bed at three-thirty by dust devils of anxiety whirling among unborn poems. I’m grateful for the return of my normal insomnia. 804 more words

Alice Keys MD

long boards, déjà vu and gumbo

On Sunday, we hit the ground at ten in the morning with our hula hoops spinning to the pastel notes of the ukulele band at the beach bandstand. 1,051 more words

Alice Keys MD