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Calling long distance.

Is there such a thing as love at first hearing?

Is it possible that, like the “eyes across a crowded room” scenario, just the sound of someone’s voice can ignite that spark of affection, that chain reaction which leads the incomplete heart to recognise its other half? 717 more words


Disservice and Disrepair - Really Awful

All service and repairs
And purchases of spares
Provide a great excuse
For customer abuse! 

One, lacking knowledge, must
Place in such folk one’s trust, 464 more words



awaken to keep
my appointment with the dawn
treasures delivered
* * *
while bird song lifts sun
highway dragons roar with hearts
encapsulated… 109 more words

Alice Keys MD

you are where you live

Yesterday, while Robert and I were out walking, a woman we didn’t know stopped to stare at us from the other side of the street. Then she smiled. 1,091 more words

Alice Keys MD

piss out of a boot

she didn’t have sense
to pour piss out of a boot
  she’s a doctor now

* * *

never did make sense
two percent of the people… 36 more words

Alice Keys MD

Showed up until show down.

The Exhibition with a long name closed at 17h00 today, and then a large group of exhausted exhibitors had to start packing away and clearing out.   58 more words


running on empty

South of us, in the great inland agricultural areas that fuel the economy of the state of California and feed the nation, home faucets are… 647 more words

Alice Keys MD