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Personal blog, it's J, with the Archer

I ve started writing my blog since 2010 and now that i read back i laugh so hard because of all the grammar mistakes i’ve made and also the stories i was sharing back then since day one were all either pointless or retarded.  104 more words


Yellow string that holds a memory

I began wearing this yellow string around my wrist three years ago and it holds a memory that’s considerably precious to me. I was having a real hard time cutting it off after so many years not because what people believe of the magic power that gives protection and brings luck. 176 more words

Personal Journal

Meaningful silence

We were attending a family gathering and he was just sitting right in front of me at the same table. Hardly a word passed in between us. 288 more words


A Somber Morning

A rainy Thursday, this last day of July is. There is a mother I have to visit, her child has a predicament. I doubt if I can get to her today, with the roads wet and wild. 235 more words

Personal Journal


I’ve been writing in journal ever since i was a little girl and i always stay in the habit of writing in journal just because i feel like its really the old-fashion yet meaningful way to document your life but the thing thats different from writing a blog is that, in my blog i only write about emotional stuff to let some steam off when living your life with all the negativity around can be so chaotic. 106 more words



Something happened to me this day that triggered an upsetting memory. Feeling so panicked and disoriented at the same time, I punched myself repeatedly at the head feeling numb to the pain. 240 more words


Sometimes the past should stay in the past

Ever had one of those moments when your bright and shiny younger self was a complete and total idiot? Lately, that’s been running through my head as I was reintroduced to the man who made me realize that growing up to become the heiress to a publishing empire was not a worthwhile goal. 950 more words

Personal Journal