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I’ve never written a blog before, but thought it might be a good idea to start. I have experienced many obstacles in my life and each has had some profound effect on me – creating this strong and confident person I’ve become. 118 more words


I love shopping. Like a little too much. Like I maxed out my credit cards too much. Like I once bought a car because my job was pissing me off too much. 344 more words

Personal Journey

All The Bad Things

All the bad things…

In general, I make a habit of being positive. So many good and big and amazing and transformative things have been happening in my life over the past few months that mostly I am full of excitement. 1,108 more words

Personal Journey

GridMarks ... the stain of over/dis-connect

I’m about to join in the culture of self-diagnosing-everyone-needs-a-label-psycho-babble; I have an addictive personality.

No surprise there. A quick perusal of past posts (or scroll through my gene pool) could have told you that. 552 more words

Personal Journey

Oh, Brothers

My brother is 15. He’s kinda weird like me so he’s definitely one of my favorite people ever. I’ve really been enjoying my time here with my parents (although if I get asked to clean one more time I swear to sweet cheesus I will flip out) and i’m happy to be spending this time with the jobro. 481 more words

Personal Journey

I'm Blogger Hopping - Yes, It's A Thing...

A few weeks ago, Kelly E. Carter, a fellow travel blogger, A New York Times best-selling author, and the founder of The Jet Set Pets… 1,167 more words

Personal Journey