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As I said at the time:

That round, as I looked back, I had the advantage of understanding my emotional and physical workings better than I did at the time I made the journal entries. 566 more words


Nocturnal Thoughts

I’m wide awake. The 2mg Xanax bar (prescribed for sleep) isn’t working too well. Plus, my left arm hurts from the over-extension I’d been doing while sitting at my desk for a long time. 176 more words

Personal Journey

10 Rockets Were Fired Into Israel Yesterday. Its Happening.

Its happening.

The media is ignoring the attack, so I am sharing this information. I encourage you to do so as well.

Those who are against Israel and do harm need to realize that there’s a Spy in the sky and He’s Jewish!!! 46 more words

Personal Journey

Seed to Sprout: My Journey of Expansion and Growth with Conscious Creation

My last blog post I gave you all a glimpse into the first clear, aha! moment that precipitated my massive journey of introspection and transformation. In today’s post I want to share a quick version of the (yes, I know-dry) transformational pathway that occurred immediately after watching  731 more words

Conscious Living

When Healthy Becomes Unhealthy

In my last post I was struggling with some stress in my body and not entirely sure from where it had come. As part of removing my stress, I quit drinking a Green drink I’d been consuming for about 2 weeks. 427 more words

Personal Journey

The battle between who you are and feeling like a real Dumb***

There honestly are very few moments that I don’t think about the situation with my children. I surprised myself recently when by my own reaction to comment that was made to me. 633 more words

where the light gets in

Where the light gets in.
Where we are most vulnerable is seen as a hole in our armor, but the hole in the armor is where the light gets in. 1,512 more words

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