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Sometimes God sends Angels to Earth in a Furry Form.

My chunky, soft and sweet baby, Bella. She always knows what I need. I love her so much.

Personal Journey

My Discovery of Angels

Not so long ago, I did not believe in angels. In fact, I’m still slightly unsure as to their exact nature and purpose. Nonetheless, I have definitely been convinced that they exist. 349 more words


why we celebrate


who formed the galaxies and put each star and planet in its place

With a mere word from His mouth “light”; there was

In six days unveiled more imagination then we’ve yet to discover, understand, comprehend… 110 more words

Life In Guatemala

Depression: The Aftermath

A friend once asked me, “Are we ever really free ” and it has resounded in my mind ever since. I believe that depression can be conquered. 473 more words


Teenage Love...via My So Called Life, I love this!

A little Clip
of yum!

The biggest mistake in history of television was to cancel this epic show after ONLY 1 SEASON!!! I just watch the whole thing over again from time to time. lol…

Personal Journey

I absolutely love this woman. lol :P

It’s a must watch!!! A new reality show launched all because of her grandson’s regular YouTube videos.

Let me know what you think! haha


Personal Journey

7 Days and 7 nights

Gah, I can’t believe there’s only 7 days left until the real start of my crazy Tough Mudder challenge.

I’ve come a long way since I decided to do this back in October of last year. 608 more words