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Throwback Thursday: One of These is NOT like the others . . .

I have a remarkable collection of amazing nieces and nephews, the products of my siblings. To the best of my knowledge I never produced a child (although the slim possibility that I did is the basis for a mystery-series-first-novel-in-progress) but have had my life immeasurably enriched by the borrowing of my siblings’ offspring. 198 more words

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Let Me Tell You About This CRAZY Forty Day Diet!

As the Lenten season ends, I just want chat about this year’s “giving up”. So this year I gave up GOSSIP. Yep I said it, gossip. 372 more words

Love You

Don’t worry. I’m fine.

When posts like last night’s “FUCK YOU” go up, there are sometimes concerned missives inquiring as to what has happened, am I okay, who did what. 323 more words

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Look, this is the SECOND time one of my towels has been stolen from my gym locker. WHO THE FUCK STEALS A TOWEL? And this is an EXPENSIVE DAMN GYM. 90 more words

Personal Journey

Random Scene Post: ASL - Speeder Crash

And of course, what story is complete without some action? Like a landspeeder crash! Okay that’s not the only thing that happens in this scene but it’s certainly the most dramatic–and probably one of the main reasons I lost support for the project–it was just too fantastical!

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Planned Parenthood...

Abortion is murder. Yes, I said it. I stand firm. Say what you will, I will not be convinced otherwise. God put that soul within the woman for a reason, and for it to be killed inside of her is murder.

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