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October 28th: Connection Loading...

Nowadays, many people associated technology with Millennials and it cannot be denied that this is true due to the fact that we use excessive amount of our time interacting through our devices. 2,658 more words

Personal Learning Network

When it comes to education, technology has been a huge impact. Teachers are able to communicate with other people around the world in a matter of seconds. 836 more words

My “Troubled” Community of Learning

As I struggle to come to terms with this assignment I reflect on our discussions of “troubling” our common sense, and realize I am feeling very troubled! 742 more words

#AusELT chat summary: Conference Swapshop (9/10/14)

October’s Twitter chat got off to a bit of a shaky start as several people (who shall remain nameless) managed to forget that the clocks had gone back in Sydney . 1,964 more words

Once A Networked Scholar... Always One? #scholar14

Social media is my thing (so I’ve heard). Really, the THING about social media is the SOCIAL. Throughout my personal, professional and academic career, I have touted the value of my personal learning network on Twitter. 334 more words


Epic life- reflection reblog...

Wow! Where was this post 20years ago! :-) doesn’t matter- I knew it. I was just to absorbed or misguided to see it as an action. 131 more words

Teacher Professional

Connections and Considerations

It may have been just enough in a previous era of the internet to simply reap the media productions that came from the few people on the internet that made them without contributing anything original. 479 more words

Digital Literacy