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Why You Can't Learn [Blank] From A Book

Ever since I was a little kid I loved beating my dad up. Our wrestling matches were epic. I especially loved when he fought dirty. Using his beard stubble as sandpaper on my face was a favored tactic of his. 2,133 more words


Reflections Week 4: Experiences with the Educational Communique for Policy Makers

I chose this week to go with highlighting the use of multimedia within the classroom as an example of a product to share with policy makers to continue to support professional development and technology funding. 511 more words

#LU Social Media Tools For Communication

My digital me

Only a few weeks ago I came across an apparently strong concept in our digitalized world: PLN – a Personal Learning Network. The concept was new to me, but I guessed it had to do with finding the people, institutions, newspapers, conferences, webpages, blogs etc. 760 more words

Informal Learning

Where To From Here?

 Another semester down, another year coming to an end yet again. To reflect on the moment I began my PLN, I thought that choosing a blackboard as the supporting background was appropriate. 292 more words

Growing Understandings

Reflections Week 2: Building a PLN

Ok, so I’ve definitely fallen behind, such is the battle of a working mom, however I am determined to get back on track so here is my abbreviated, but completed, assignment for week 2, building a… 328 more words

#LU Social Media Tools For Communication

ORMS MOOC Module 4

  • How do you define “participatory culture?”

I would define “participatory culture” as one that encourages involvement from all of its members. That being said, it must also recognize that each member is an individual with differing interests and skill sets. 679 more words