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The Role of Technology in Education

It would be easy for a self-proclaimed educational technologist to claim that technology is an indispensable component of modern education.

It’s not.

What do you really need to teach a child how to read? 761 more words

The Trouble with Twitter

Disclaimer: This will not be one of those posts that tells you how I think you should use Twitter or what to tweet. Rather, it is a reflection of my own experience and professional development via Twitter. 680 more words

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Beyond Five-Paragraphs


Firstly, I’m a teacher-librarian not an English teacher. I don’t pretend to be an expert in either craft.  I’m commenting to support the thesis in Kimberly Hill Campbell’s article of Education Leadership ‘Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essay’. 235 more words

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My Personal Learning Network

Although from an outsider’s perspective it may not look like my personal learning network has expanded drastically over the course of this semester, it has. The use of social networking in ECS 210 has pushed me far out of my comfort zone and has actually caused a lot of tension and discomfort for me. 820 more words

ECS 210

Personal Learning Network - Social Media and the information professional

Here is my personal learning network I have created based on Utecht’s 5 stages of PLN adoption.

My Personal Learning Network



Jeff Utecht’s 5 Stags of PLN adoption… 570 more words

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My Personal Learning Network

With technology continuing to evolve, it is slowly becoming impossible to be a functioning member of society if one does not advance alongside this progression. Prior to my ECS 210 course, technology definitely played a dominant role in my every day life, however, certainly not in the same light as it does now. 1,022 more words

ECS 210

I Tweet My Barbaric Yawp!

I’m beginning to see the beauty of the Tweet. I know I’m a latecomer on this one. As much as I try to look like I belong in this digital world, I still can’t shake the digital immigrant in me. 586 more words