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free to fly (or fail) but hopefully fly

Regardless of your age or what stage of life that you are in, if you are an older sibling, your younger sibling will always be your younger sibling. 249 more words

Personal Musings

Flannels, Leggings, and Duck Boots:

I basically wear the same thing every day.

A flannel or sweater, with leggings or dark wash jeans, and boot socks peaking over the ankles of my Duck Boots. 195 more words


Does your Christmas honor Christ, or is the focus nostalgia for your own childhood?

I heard of a church this year where the worship service on the third Sunday of Advent was a performance of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” based upon that classic television  special. 252 more words

Personal Musings

Handel's Messiah for Your Christmas Enjoyment

In 2010, a photography company decided to do something special for it’s online customers and Facebook fans. It created a virtual Christmas card.

The company’s customer’s shared the Christmas greeting with friends and family and the video soon had over 20 million views. 35 more words

Personal Musings

Silence Into Action

After 45 days, Itzcuauhtli completed his silent strike with 1.5 million people joining his Thunderclap. If you ever needed a reason to smile about climate disruption, listen to his first message after ending a courageous silence. 817 more words

Dear Human,

I stumbled across this gem a while back, and thought it was just what I needed to read. What we all need to read. Enjoy. 186 more words

Personal Musings

Mid-life Priceless

I admit it: I’m middle-aged. Well, maybe not middle aged; at 52 it seems a bit presumptive to think I might live to be 104, but either way it’s all downhill from here, right? 1,282 more words

Mid-life Crisis