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The Latino Problem In America....

This shall be my first ever post about racialism, not a post on racism because racialism is all about examining the differences between the group of races and how to solve the problems within each group.  792 more words

Personal Narrative


They ask me, “Why do you want to do this,” and I do not exactly tell them.

I want the cameras to look at me because I am afraid to die. 258 more words

Addy Evenson

A Nice Meal With Nice People

About 2 Fridays ago, i received a letter from a former colleague asking that i come over to her place to visit her family and enjoy a home made lunch; she had previously invited me to come over before she resigned from her position.  622 more words

Personal Narrative

a Mad Mess

Her body is shivering with passion, with brilliance, with ambition.

She begs her mind to stop but it never stops thinking,

She is a mad mess,
And she loves it.


A Writer

She can feel her hands drawn to the keyboard,
Every movement compels her fingers to type like a magnetic field.

Every moment, every talk makes her mind whirl with thoughts of what could be written; what could be described. 43 more words


She has scratch marks on the back of her neck from the nervous habit she didn’t care to stop

He has paint stains he didnt bother to wash off of his hands from drawing all night… 50 more words

I am...

I am but a mess,
Of unexperienced possibilities
Poisonous thoughts
And a long, long list of what ifs.