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I kept the window open, but no rain came in, just the smell of damp earth and fresh cut grass. The water patterned on the roof and leaves of the tree just outside. 59 more words

2014 BlackStar Film Festival Top Pick: Little White Lie

Little White Lie tells Lacey Schwartz’s story of growing up in a typical upper-middle-class Jewish household in Woodstock, NY, with loving parents and a strong sense of her Jewish identity – despite open questioning from those around her about how a white girl could have such dark skin. 175 more words



I arrived at the appointed time. The Sufi Center was in a tidy little building near a school that was quiet on a Sunday. The area would have been free from all noise if not for a flock of black birds cawing loudly in the trees. 618 more words

Remembering Katelynn

“Today is the 28th?” I questioned astonished.

“Yeah, tomorrow is the 29th. Our half birthday!” She smiled at me and I smiled back, but my heart was not in it. 451 more words

In the Life of a Server

Who said becoming a server wasn’t an academic pursuit for my summer? Sure, I might not be working on my poetry thesis as intently as I might be, and I’m not bunking down in a queer office doing counseling work, but I’m learning a little bit about what it’s like in the real world.   1,173 more words

A Fear of Boredom

To certain men before, I was the excitement they wanted. But they only wanted excitement because they were boring, and eventually that left me as the entertainment….and I was so exhausted and bored of them. 349 more words

WWJD? Charity, faith and eradicating hunger

Since a friend asked a question or two, I’m going to share them. I truly look forward to your responses.

The long and the short of the questions boil down to this: what more are we as Americans expected to do when it comes to helping/saving all those in the world that need assistance? 1,757 more words