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Why I Didn't Read the Comments on my Salon.com Article

Amazingly, if I do say so myself, I managed not to read the comments on my Salon.com article that came out over the weekend. This was purely self-preservation. 1,002 more words


Things I Don't Understand About the War in the Middle East

Be prepared for lists and questions.

This post is strictly my opinion of things that are known, things that I think are known to be true (based on what I’ve read/seen online, information friends have told me, what I’ve learned in school, etc.), and things I don’t know. 660 more words

Grace Literate

"You Don't Belong Here, You Know" : Saloon Girls Chapter 5

The nighttime customers are rowdy and drunk and looking for big fun. There is no hiding behind a smiling face and sunny attitude on this shift. 763 more words



She woke. Filling her void brain with the sights and sounds of her typical morning. She clothes herself. He fed herself. She entrusted herself with the responsibility of feeding the animals. 277 more words

Don't Take It Personally

So, you were there and so was I. You were lonely and so was I. We met and we smiled. I know how to do this, I think. 218 more words


Vincent Van Gogh: A Wasted Life of Aching Beauty – Part 1: Fall

            Undergrowth with Two Figures is the only van Gogh painting I have seen in real life. Several times my wife and I have sought it out on visits to the Cincinnati Art Museum. 977 more words

Personal Narrative

Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out by Susan Kuklin

 In this thoughtful book, Kuklin shares the personal stories of six transgender youth. Each teen has a chapter in narrative format, mostly in their own voice, through extended interviews. 119 more words