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To call on all

To commit to no one faith, but call on all: what would this look like on day-to-day practical terms?

With no official place of worship to call home, my spiritual practices will be mostly self-guided. 763 more words

What is “BetterEndingsNow!” to Me?, by Dr. Joshua Bertetta

{Dear Readers: Here is a treat (for me especially!). Joshua Bertetta of the intriguing blog The Story of the Four  has taken time to reflect on BetterEndings Now which he has been graciously following. 940 more words

Guest Blog

Thinking about race - just one white woman’s journey

Recent events in Ferguson prompt me to write this now

by ceejay

Through most of elementary school, my best friend was Leslie. I loved her. We were a couple of nerds who didn’t really fit in with anyone but each other. 5,458 more words

American Culture

Guy Friend Date Night

When I got home, my ribs ached so much from laughing. It had been one of the most emotionally healthy nights I think I have ever had. 399 more words

Older Thoughts on Getting Older

Came across an article I wrote for a website about ten years ago, titled “Maturity”.

I’m turning 29 on Monday.

Here’s my 19-year-old-self’s unedited manifesto on growing up… 1,482 more words

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Cassidy’s Unofficial Journal

Cassidy’s Unedited Thoughts

Cassidy’s bastard-spawn with boredom

Cassidy’s new way to write stuff

Cassidy’s attempt at blogging without sounding like an actor playing a writer… 13 more words

Cassidy's Blog

This Might Piss You Off...

Please read the title again. Because I’m going to go where the polite masses have been taught for generations that it’s not okay to go. 2,020 more words

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