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Co-Parenting Sucks (Sometimes)

I have the dubious honor of having been split from my baby daddy (which I think needs a more dignified but fun term). Before and since I have been divorced and dumped. 1,274 more words

Mental Illness

A Weird Pet Thing....

I looked at the Instagram photos of exotic pets. Monkeys, kinkajous, and lemurs being some I found hard to wrap my head around. I couldn’t express why. 321 more words

Homeschool: Week 1

“The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, and gives you a sense of meaning, joy and passion.” My students always become like family to me… I get caught calling them my kids and on more than one occasion I’ve overheard a couple of them call me mom. 139 more words

Banish Misfortune

A couple of weeks ago, Basil and I attended a music-themed acoustic strings camp together. This was Basil’s first summer at camp, and my second. My plan this year was to take two morning classes and nap during the afternoon class. 444 more words

Personal Narrative

More Odd Dreams

“No, I don’t have anyone. Not anyone. At least not here.”

Then I woke up. Tears streaming down my face. I don’t even remember the rest of the dream, but that was the one phrase that wounded me to the very depths of my heart. 92 more words

Small Moment/ Personal Narrative/ Slice of Life Writing Checklist

I created this with my second graders a few years ago. Students can use it as a checklist and a rubric for self-assessing. Glitter words make your writing shine!

Goodbye, Facebook. Supporting anti-gay marriage, anti-human rights candidate was finally too much.

After all Facebook has done, there’s only so much a person can take.

By now, anyone who has been paying attention is well aware of Facebook’s general user-unfriendly shenanigans, with the possible exception of Facebook’s support for… 1,147 more words

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