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My Last: Love

This video is one of my favorites. I believe that most people fall in love more than once in their lifetime. Some are just the “ideas” of what being in love really is… we yearn to feel accepted and crave that feeling of  240 more words


Where Am I Going to Find Laughter?

People keep asking how I’m doing. Not well, I fear. I mean, I’m functioning. I’m very good at compartmentalizing, so I can go to work and get things done and most people probably would never realize anything was wrong. 415 more words

Personal Narrative

Sarcasm & Dreams: You Tell Me

I’ve been rolling an idea around in my noggin for a while now. Like any marble that gets started in my head, it has picked up moss and twigs and now semi-resembles a deranged lawn gnome. 1,061 more words

Personal Narrative

Like the Way You Look

“Is that really in style?” She asked me pointing at the ponchos on the wall.
Part of me wanted to roll my eyes, and the other part of me was interested in why she would question it. 288 more words

Personal Narrative Final

N= Narrator
R= Virtual Aaron Rodgers
D= Virtual DeMarco Murray
G= Virtual Gronk
S= Virtual Seattle Seahawks
J= Virtual Johnny Manziel
(W)= wordpress
(T)= twitter… 2,288 more words

Sam Strom

RIP Ronan MacScottie: 9/3/02-10/19/14

Earlier this morning I had my dog, Ronan, put to sleep. If you know me, and if you knew us together, then you know how I feel right now. 514 more words

Personal Narrative

Lonelygirl15 Response

I don’t understand this project. Perhaps because I’ve never really been a big YouTube user, and I don’t follow any vlogs. What I just watched was a bunch of short videos starring a teenage girl in which she tells you a little bit about herself in each video. 77 more words