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Pharrell makes me happy....obviously!!

When I’m not here, you can find me at The Purple Life; my other blog about art, culture and personal narratives. As you’ve probably read in my… 23 more words

My Lucky Sami?

Following is a book review by my friend Xavi, chair of the Sami Siida of North America (SSNA), an artist, history buff, and all-around swell person.  1,460 more words


Integrated Drama Education

Drama in the classroom, any classroom, is a powerful tool. It can engage, it can demystify, or it can provide provocation. Drama can empower students to identify and unpack their personal social roles, both emergent and solidified. 94 more words


What is a Memoir?

Let’s start with what a memoir is not. A memoir is not a biography or an autobiography where you tell your entire life story. A memoir entails a specific… 283 more words


From Huffpost: A Pretty Good Example of What Languages Sound Like to Non-Speakers

This is kind of funny, but ironic. Language is amazing, and each one shares characteristics that are uniquely their own. But if you heard a language you weren’t familiar with, would you be able to identify it by these characteristics? 65 more words

Personal Narratives