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Reflection to Narrative Fiction Project

I would like to start by saying how unique this project was to me. While I have written fiction pieces in the past, this particular project was unlike anything I have ever done before. 465 more words

Personal Narratives

Reflection on Personal Narrative

This was different because I’ve never done any fictional writing before. It was hard to bring these characters to life. I found it a lot more challenging than I thought it would be but in a good way. 554 more words


Day 10 - 1000 Words - Summary of TV Show

I chose to write about Married…With Children because it’s been about a quarter-century since I watched it regularly but I realized how much of it I recall.   1,050 more words

Personal Narratives

Story Outline

Tuesday, Dec. 9th

7:00 a.m. – Justine and Ana wake up for their morning routine. Ana lets the dog out, and they enjoy a cup of coffee while talking about what they have planned for the day. 332 more words

Personal Narratives

Character Sketches

Justine Wheeler – (age 45) Justine is the single mother of one daughter. She was married for 15 years but struggles with the fact the she has had a failed marriage. 261 more words

Personal Narratives

Personal Narrative Model

I find it interesting that people are so willing to document there every move online. I wanted to base my story line off the ideas of Justin Hall and Lizzie Bennet. 93 more words


Personal Narrative assignment



Personal Narratives