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Day 10 - 1000 Words - Summary of TV Show

I chose to write about Married…With Children because it’s been about a quarter-century since I watched it regularly but I realized how much of it I recall.   1,050 more words

Personal Narratives

Story Outline

Tuesday, Dec. 9th

7:00 a.m. – Justine and Ana wake up for their morning routine. Ana lets the dog out, and they enjoy a cup of coffee while talking about what they have planned for the day. 332 more words

Personal Narratives

Character Sketches

Justine Wheeler – (age 45) Justine is the single mother of one daughter. She was married for 15 years but struggles with the fact the she has had a failed marriage. 261 more words

Personal Narratives

Personal Narrative Model

I find it interesting that people are so willing to document there every move online. I wanted to base my story line off the ideas of Justin Hall and Lizzie Bennet. 93 more words


Personal Narrative assignment



Personal Narratives

700+ Words (autobio of parent)

**Again, the prompt was interesting at first, but then it took a turn as I continued…***

I grew up in the United States.  It’s hard to say which location to call the home of my childhood because I spent time in Indiana and Texas, two states with much different lifestyles–at least back then they were.   682 more words


Day 6 - 600 Words (about a bad book...but more junk came out)

Poor writing at its best.  I’m still not done with my first cup of coffee, so pardon the wacky stream-of-consciousness…

Today’s prompt might be the toughest for me all month.   662 more words

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