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Letter to my mother who didn't protect me.

To put you in context, this week for the first time in my life, I established a boundary with my mother.

She wanted to come over and stay with me and I said it wasn’t a good time for me. 485 more words


Family Matters: Telling True Stories

A nonfiction essay of mine, developed from a panel discussion I had moderated at the Kriti Festival of literature and arts at the University of Illinois at Chicago. 110 more words

Literary Musings

NCTE Day 3 (Saturday) Notes/Reflections

After a short sleep, I woke up this morning at probably 5:50 to another roommate’s trash-can lid sound emitting from his iPhone.  It might have been a gong.   397 more words

Liquid Soapbox

A New Day

Hello Readers!

You’ve probably thought I’d fallen off the wagon and hit my head, gone into a coma and forgotten all about you. Well, I haven’t! 489 more words

Personal Narratives

Size 26.2

The power and freedom of narrative, it’s both terrifying and liberating. Personal narratives put faces to stories and humanize the struggles and contradictions we face. I am a walking, talking mess of incongruities and I often find myself mired in self-doubt as I wrestle to reconcile my conflicting beliefs, thoughts, actions, and feelings. 162 more words

Inspiring Narratives

Thicker Skin!

I used to have a second skin of shame that walked with me wherever I went, making me feel bad and responsible for things I didn’t do. 109 more words




Dark and Heavy

Weighed me down

I felt shame for being bad

I had to be bad

If I was not bad

Then my world was bad… 44 more words