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The Captainship: First Gen Entrepreneurs

Anya Gupta, author and alumnus of MIT Sloan, has edited this book, appropriately titled, “The Captainship: First Gen Entrepreneurs” published by Bloomsbury.  The title is inspired by the famous line from “Invictus” the poem by William Ernest Henley which goes, ” I am the master of my fate. 365 more words

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49 is the new 49

I still recall that day in 3rd grade, as I sat in the rear of the classroom, struggling with my cursive assignment. It began with the date on the board….I don’t remember the exact day of the week, or the month, but it was the fall of 1974. 1,134 more words

Personal Narratives

Personal Narratives

Personal Narrative assignment




There's a novel of manners wherein the love interest is secretly married to a lunatic who's locked in the attic.

I know that.  It’s a reasonably famous spoiler.  The problem is, I couldn’t remember which novel of manners it happens in.

You can’t imagine how tense that makes reading Pride and Prejudice for the first time.

Personal Narratives

A summer course in adulthood

By Saintra Thai
San Bernardino, Calif.

With a knapsack on my back, an over-sized suitcase by my side and a plane ticket in my hand, I was ready to go on an epic adventure. 481 more words


Finding courage in my mother's strength

By Marily Lopez
Los Angeles, Calif.

I woke to the sound of my father’s voice on the phone, whispering, “Marily, take care of your sisters while I’m gone. 436 more words


Dreams inspired by my sister's struggles

By Eliana Lanfranco
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Every night, I sit down with my nine-year-old sister at the dining table and help her with her school work. I give her all of my attention and patience, and I make sure that she does her best on all of her assignments. 566 more words