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How (and Why!) To Make A Mind Map

Have you ever felt lost amid all the things you want to accomplish or all the tasks you need to do?  Have you ever felt like your brain was so scattered, you couldn’t keep a clear thought in your head or a clear direction. 303 more words

Margaret Smith

A House That Breathes

If you have been following my blog, you know we built a home this past summer.  The process was exciting, fun, fulfilling.  It came at just the right time.   628 more words

Living The Full Life

Enough- Do We Just Keep Saying It or Do We Mean It?

I promise you at least a dozen times this weekend I heard someone say, “Enough”, “I’m tired of this”, “Are you kidding me, still?”. I said it myself.   595 more words

Living The Full Life

Quit Blaming Your Stuff: 3 Questions to Help You Be REAL

So often we blame our STUFF or our CALENDAR for the stress in our lives.  Neither is correct.  Each of those are as they are because of choices we have made.   523 more words

Living The Full Life