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Here's An Idea . . .

Last night my good guy surprised me with a wonderful dinner out.  If you like french food and live in the Denver area, I’d recommend trying… 746 more words

Working With Words

Suggested Read: The 10 Most Innovative, Unique Ways To Make Your Daily Routine More Productive

Being productive isn’t always easy, but one thing is for sure:

I don’t always love Thought Catalog posts (a discussion for another day), but occasionally I stumble on one or two that I think make some very nice observations or reminders. 84 more words

The BIGGEST Mistake Women Make in Managing Time

Managing our time is one of our biggest challenges.  Our choices and opportunities are infinite and yet our time is finite.  For most of us, our organizational issues are really nothing more than time management issues.   727 more words

  1. Clean and Declutter. Keeping your place clean and decluttered may not seem as easy as writing these words. However, if you take the time to do it you will see a huge increase in the selling price of your home.
  2. 187 more words
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From The Tip Jar: Keep A "Did I Forget Anything?" Checklist Handy At The End Of The Day

I’ll bet you can relate: It’s late evening, you’re starving, you just know that you’re about to be stuck in a god-awful amount of traffic, and the meeting you’re in is running later than you expected. 427 more words

Living Small-Living Large: Lessons for Living (temporarily) in Small Spaces

The saga of the move continues.  At this point, it really is amusing to us.  Not to mention, we are definitely chalking it up as a “learning experience”.   1,225 more words

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