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30/52 - Project 52 from New Mexico Photographer

Skye loves bath time. Which is great, because lately she seems to be continually coated with various foods. This kid loves to eat.
This is how Melody lets me know she’s not into taking pictures. Still I try anyway.


29/52 - Project 52 from Elise Taylor

Skye is standing up these days.
Summertime is for staying in pajamas until noon and eating leftover Target popcorn. (This is a judgment free zone, btw.)


28/52 - Project 52 from Las Cruces Photographer

Skye has been waking in the middle of the night. Sometimes it’s just easier to bring her into bed instead of rocking her (and me) to sleep in the nursery’s glider. 33 more words


27/52 - Project 52 from Las Cruces Photographer

Double trouble. Skye is into everything.
Melody, a stick horse, cowboy hat, and random nonmathcing clothes makes for a fun time.


Eagle Watcher

The Bald Eagle pair nesting on the Berry College campus near Rome, Ga. has drawn large crowds and a Facebook following nearing 64,000. The Berry Eaglecam visitors are pushing 17,000,000.

B&w Photography

26/52 - Project 52 from Las Cruces Photographer

Wahoo! Half way through this project!!

Skye and sweet potatoes, carrots, mangoes, or squash. Some sort of orange baby food. Flavor of the day.
Melody in her room on the swing that Daddy made her for Christmas. 13 more words


25/52 - Project 52 from Las Cruces Photographer

Skye in “jail”.
Melody and “Orange Bear”. Orange bear is goes on many adventures but always ends up in Melody’s arms at night. Not a bad place to be :)