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39/52 - Project 52 from Las Cruces Family Photographer

Skye “watching” cartoons with big sister.
Melody reading books to little sister.

Sisters forever :)


Organics: Honey

The second instalment in my Organics photo project is here!  It’s been over a year since my last post about the Daybreak Mill in this… 702 more words


38/52 - Project 52 from Las Cruces Photographer

We had a visitor this week. Skye was entranced.
Melody, my little reluctant model.


36/52 - Project 52 from Las Cruces Photographer

Skye is climbing on everything! Monkey child.
Melody and I attended a Princess Party at a local indoor playground business. It was a blast. Her expression in this photo before we entered the party makes me chuckle. 7 more words


35/52 - Project 52 from New Mexico Photographer

The battle of the spoon. Skye is asserting her independence these days.
Melody is taking a ballet class. I asked her to dance like a ballerina and this is what she came up with. :)


34/52 - Project 52 from Elise Taylor of Taylor'd Photography

Skye and Nate on an impromtu trip to Cloudcroft, NM via the iPhone.
Melody bird watching out the back window, princess style.

Project 52

33/52 - Project 52 from Elise Taylor

I spy a happy Skye baby.
Melody got a “back to school” haircut this week. I just had the stylist take an inch off so the before and after isn’t too dramatic. She starts Preschool tomorrow!