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A summary of two year career vision after graduation: After graduation of Foundation Degree, I’d really like to think I could get into and achieve my chosen career path, in the public service sector, police forensics is what I really want to do. 49 more words


Reason why you should go Travel

Some people ask me “why i spent money for travelling”. So here’s some reason why i do Love to TRAVEL, and why you should do it too.. 465 more words


The Beach

Is this beach looks familiar to you? Have you ever seen a movie “The Beach” by Leonardo Di Caprio?

Yes, that’s it!! That is Leo’s secret beach in Thailand. 56 more words


Living The Dream

I’m a dreamer girl, i dream lots things.. the big one. One of my big dream is TRAVELLING AROUND THE WORLD. And that’s what im doing now.. 44 more words


Who said travelling alone is boring?

I’ve traveled alone lately, and it’s not like everyone said. It’s not that boring as you think actually. You would say it’s boring if you’ve never tried it. 114 more words


Why do I Like Travelling?

Because the chance to experience new cultures, new opinion, history, ideas, scenery and food. It gets me away from my normal student life for a while. 95 more words