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新 C.C.P. Studio 落成以後,我們又一如既往地進行影樓拍攝工作,初生的嬰兒是比較不易拍攝,始終小朋友在控制上並不能隨心所欲。在拍攝上,我主力以自然的繽紛的色調在處理整組的拍攝,初生的也應該是比較偏向純白潔淨的感覺,亦希望捕捉多一點父母與嬰兒的接觸,嬰兒太小,很難作出交流,所以重點亦落在燈光的處理上,很柔很柔的光質,就是希望保持著畫面的乾淨感覺。

Personal Portrait

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Self Portrait V2

Having to remake my personal portrait I took advantage of the opportunity to use a better camera and a lighting rig. First of all you can see the gain on the camera isn’t as bad as the original, this is because since filming I have learnt in depth about ISO and F stop and how adjusting each can effect the outcome dramatically. 31 more words

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