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A new Chapter begins

Okay, firstly I’ll apologise for the terrible pun in the title, those of you who know a little bit about Freemasonry’s side orders may well have spotted it. 644 more words


We are lonely, but we are not alone.

There is an inordinate sadness which creeps up in my heart no matter the attempts to chase it away with happiness. Though I spend time with friends, once the time is up I know that roses eventually wither and die and my happiness, the things I search for, crumbles into dust and decay. 446 more words


14 Seconds Away From Having No Life.

14 seconds just isn’t enough time to find the world’s smallest remote known to be for the Apple TV to stop it from going into the next episode or if you’re in bed, it’s just not worth getting out of the position you found just right. 490 more words


God, I miss her sometimes.

I really do.

It can drive me mad with need–not an innate need, like that for human connection or success or happiness. But it’s like an itch that I’m only sometimes able to scratch and leave be, until it starts up again–a relentless cycle. 153 more words

Personal Posts

the 'melting pot'

*Reader Discretion Advised: vent post – unstructured garble that is a literary representation of my current thought stream*

I really hated primary school. Interestingly enough, this realisation has only arrived over the last year or so – it’s always been masked by the clichéd, rose-tinted view of childhood that most of us seem to have. 614 more words

Personal Posts

How I define my writing style

It’s… contemplative. Introspective. Thoughtful. It is what most would call…


Most people wouldn’t dare define their own writing as boring, but I’m doing just that. 650 more words


A Week In The Life of a Primary PGCE Student: The halfway point!

Every Sunday (hopefully) I shall be posting a personal post about my massive new venture. I am going to University to train to be a primary school teacher.

377 more words
PGCE Primary