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Easter Greetings & Blessings to All - A Personal Post

Happy Easter to my beautiful family and to my friends today. Easter holds mixed feelings for many of us. The joy of spring, gathering with those we love – all are sometimes tempered by the memories of those who are not with us, whether due to distance or the passage of time. 126 more words

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Romain Gary captures my fascination for America in one sentence

I’m reading White Dog in English for Romain Gary Literature Month in May and on the second page, here’s a quote that sums up

That day, a rainstorm hit Los Angeles with the kind of larger-than-life fury you soon come to expect in America, where everything tends to be more dramatic and violent than elsewhere, with both nature and man trying to outdo each other at the art of showmanship.

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Far Better Things Ahead

(Originally posted January 12th, 2014)
I think there are far better things ahead, but I’m not sure if I agree that they’re all better than what we leave behind. 834 more words

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I truly love...

(Originally posted September 25th, 2013)
Unapologetic people. The way people take their sharp intakes of breath when an unapologetic person speaks is the rarest form of art to me. 307 more words

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I've been back...

(Originally posted September 23rd, 2013)
For a while now.
Michigan hasn’t changed since I left in May and came back in July, but I did. And that’s good, for how often we feel threatened and worried by change. 840 more words

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The Aftermath: Part II

(Originally posted June 11th, 2013)
Uggggghhhhhhhhh, getting your nails done is GRODY. I honestly try so hard to be girly and get into those things, but I think I could go another seven years without sinking my feet into that alien blue water. 693 more words

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(Originally posted June 11th, 2013)
Did you forget about me? Average height, horribly grown out brown hair and a penchant for sarcasm?

Well, hey, here I am. 467 more words

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