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Confidence/ The struggle to be.

I was driven to tears last night due to the overwhelming ache of prosaic musings coupled with a sense of destructive stress which bogged down all coherent thought and simply left me an empty shell of wanting. 409 more words

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Lost & Frustrated

I am still lost here. I’ve been trying to install the WordPress program because it seems like it would be easier to manipulate all of the functions & set up my webpage exactly the way I want to. 307 more words

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*iMessage* Hey Bro... -Pastor Chad Herold.

We’re often faced with so many opportunities, never knowing which ones to take, feared by the outcomes that we never take the risk to go after what we really want. 575 more words


Questions/The Search for Self-identity

Anxiousness eats away at the worries and drinks on the pleasure of unrest. It’s quiet subtlety permeates through my mind and long have I learnt to let it touch me- these barriers which have held me, do not vibrate, untouched. 613 more words

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English Assignment: A Day at the Villa

It began as any day at the Villa began; the blaring alarm just before 8 am, rudely jolting us awake for Italian class.

“Why must Italian be… 845 more words

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For some reason I feel stuck. So discouraged, like I am never going start moving forward. This post is me literally dumping out my thoughts as they are processing through my head, just a warning. 227 more words

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Stylizing Those Pajama Days, if even.

So I haven’t posted in many months because I’ve been taking care of a new baby and well… that means any rare shopping trip is rushed to the point of no enjoyment. 490 more words