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A great miss, of a Great Ms.

Dear diary, sometimes i just get jealous when I see that everybody has friends and close circles of friends and I don’t. Sometimes I feel like it’s my fault because of my personality – that’s why I can’t keep friends? 300 more words

Girl Stuff

Don't Get Too Close, It's Dark Inside.

For those of you well-versed in alternative rock music, you will have quickly recognised that the title of this post is a lyric from the song called Demons by Imagine Dragons. 1,007 more words


What To Do?

When life kicks you down, everything is going wrong and nothing seems to go your way, it is helpful to take a step back and write about how you feel on a notepad, whilst having a bowl of warm porridge or hot beef stew. 39 more words


Fuck boys

Fuck emotions
Fuck feeling confused
So I’m Alive
And I’m currently seeing someone. His name is taylor
It’s been about a month now and I’ve never been so emotionally confused… 169 more words

Because Pizza

  Soooo this has been a long time coming… I started a blog about things that I like/love, and I truly love Pizza. here we go. (side: most of this was conceived/penned while under the influence of hard cider and fireball on independence day. 445 more words

Going to Europe in Shame

I planned on writing this farewell address for a while before taking off for my maiden voyage to Europe. I had something to say about being ashamed to be American in another country; somewhere between the US’s foreign policies and how excessive we are as a country, I didn’t want to buy a shirt with an American flag on it to wear over there. 488 more words

Personal Problems

The Claimings sequel... coming soon... hopefully

Well, the Claimings sequel is done and off to the betas. In two weeks, I will be turning that puppy in to Loose Id.

I’ve titled this one… 1,120 more words