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not married person problems

Holidays are so exciting. Easter, for example, is the perfect time for appreciation and family reflection. I specifically appreciated the fact that my “sister in law” (my boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend) experiences the same unmarried person problems that I do. 405 more words

I Came Into This Unprepared

Hi! I’ve been kind of sick, and also I had the root canal, so I’m in a bit of a pain-haze, and also in a bit of a haze from the medication to combat the pain. 353 more words


Take that headache!

Every night my head hits the pillow with anticipation of sweet dreams and the satisfaction of awaking refreshed and ready to tackle my day! Unfortunately I live in an apartment that sounds like I am living under a bridge. 312 more words


I slept really crappy last night, then this afternoon I had to go to a hospital for a test, and I hate hospitals.

The shit really hit the fan today, in regards to my family. 69 more words


5 Reasons Behind Philippineartisans Hibernation

It is official! School year 2013-2014 is finally over! Yippee! It means more “me” time, lesser stress from work and of course, no excuses for not blogging. 1,026 more words


My Brokenness

What finally convinced me to go was the day I couldn’t get out of bed. It’s not that I was too tired (I was tired, but not that bad). 1,221 more words

Stop Going Outside Jay Z.

Jay Z :
I Have to Tell You Something.
You’re Embarassing.
Stop going outside when I’m tryna’ talk to you.
Everyone can see you.
Everyone can see my Feelings. 401 more words