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Sete perguntas para organizar ações - O 5W2H!

Quando alguém começa a pensar em uma ação, uma meta, um objetivo, e tenho a chance de ajudar, começo a querer questionar algumas coisas. O objetivo é para ajudar a pessoa a conhecer mais daquela ação e entender quais são as restrições. 605 more words


An experiment in corporate culture

Here’s an old blogosphere lesson in corporate behaviour

A group of scientists placed five monkeys in a cage and in the middle, a ladder with bananas on top. 269 more words


LBS...Lagos Business Sense: It Takes Whatever It Takes

BY Chuck Nwachukwu||

Theoretically businesses are built on the bedrock of the problems, old bones, dead shod skins, aged enemies and stacked victories or defeats. 596 more words


Index Card Cure™: Why an index card?

For the final exam of my electrical engineering (EE) class, we were able to take in one page of equations, student’s choice and creation. Like many of my classmates, I spent my study time creating a masterpiece of tiny print, with every space covered. 262 more words


GDP: Of Facades and Desultory Attempts

By Mitchel Aghatise||

17:59 PM.


My boss had been particularly difficult today, time after time I had re-edited and updated the stakeholder document, only to be told it was not of company quality- what does that even mean? 1,116 more words


It’s Getting a Bit Crowded in Here

When we started to scan the competitive landscape in the task management world we were already familiar with a few solutions, some of which we had used in the past.  806 more words