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Radical email intervention

I took what I consider to be a radical steps vis a vis my email today.  It was prompted by Gmail’s notification that I was at 99% capacity and would have to buy more or free up space.   134 more words


6 Fundamental qualities of good time managers

Time keeping is a skill that most people are yet to acquire. From attending meetings late to surpassing the end time of a particular activity, not completing your tasks in the stipulated time or procrastination are the deadly sins on time management. 602 more words

Time Management Techniques

Brain Rules

I believe that the productivity and personal performance as a leader are directly correlated. Just as we must lead a team, we must lead us to a higher productivity and efficiency. 433 more words

Taylor Swift responsible for 22% of albums sold in the U.S.

As seen on The Guardian

Between 27 October and 2 November, 22% of all albums sold in the United States were copies of Taylor Swift’s 1989. 304 more words


to simplify, to be productive

I’m on a quest to simplify my life, treading the path to achieve higher productivity. I will cut away some or many nice things and reassign precious resources to the most important ones. 100 more words

Personal Productivity

True confession: I tune out when you talk about your Myers-Briggs type.

I’m an INTJ.  I’m detail-oriented and set high standards.  And you’re a…oh, sorry, what?  I was checking my Facebook feed.

Yep, that’s me.  I enjoy learning about my own personality type but lose focus when it comes to the other…15?… types.  158 more words