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KRR: day 27

I had my first PT appointment today without pain meds. I got through the whole workout, but it was much more challenging. The PT workout with Carl lasts an hour, and I was already covered in sweat after the first ten minutes. 306 more words

Personal Rambles


I feel bad. I woke up feeling bad, I went to sleep feeling bad, I spend all my days fighting this feeling of feeling bad. 691 more words


Sex and Drugs

I’m on antidepressants again. I really fought myself with the idea because I don’t want to be medicated. I don’t want to put chemicals in my body that will alter the way I think, in a longer term sense. 835 more words

Personal Rambles

I had to leave the pagan side of Tumblr today

Even though I deleted my pagan blog in the spring I still followed a lot of pagan blogs so that I could read their articles and spells, ect. 271 more words

Personal Rambles


I have decided I need to try to forgive people.
It’s so easy to hold on to bad thoughts, bad memories, blame, and accusations. It’s a lot easier to put them in a file labeled “banned” and push them away from your life, just holding a grudge until you die. 1,480 more words


The only way I know of to get back on the magickal horse is...

… Do a spell for the smallest and simplest thing you can imagine. Which I did.

No, you don’t get to know what it is.

Personal Rambles