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I came to the conclusion just now that the deep root of my desire to always cheer people up when they are sad or in pain is that I’m extremely uncomfortable with suffering. 67 more words

Personal Rambles


To and from. There and then a little more. We will until we won’t. My Mom is a little irritating but still occasionally impressive. Now that Dad is less able, she is learning new skills and new frustrations. 129 more words

Personal Rambles


I think I need to leave. I don’t know how, or if I should. Maybe I should stick it out and see if things get better…but I don’t want to live in the future. 1,352 more words


Surprise Vacation!

Idk if I mentioned, but my mom ran away sometime last week. She just up and left, didn’t tell anyone where she was going. She didn’t tell anyone why, she just left on her motorcycle. 359 more words


i know nothing

So I don’t know where I left off and I’m too lazy to go back and check. My life has been a wreck. But I guess this is just how my life is. 1,028 more words