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I had to leave the pagan side of Tumblr today

Even though I deleted my pagan blog in the spring I still followed a lot of pagan blogs so that I could read their articles and spells, ect. 271 more words

Personal Rambles


I have decided I need to try to forgive people.
It’s so easy to hold on to bad thoughts, bad memories, blame, and accusations. It’s a lot easier to put them in a file labeled “banned” and push them away from your life, just holding a grudge until you die. 1,480 more words


The only way I know of to get back on the magickal horse is...

… Do a spell for the smallest and simplest thing you can imagine. Which I did.

No, you don’t get to know what it is.

Personal Rambles

Captain Koivu

“Sticks in the middle!” For most Canadians no childhood is complete without hearing those words. For me they were a part of life. Some of my greatest memories about being a kid were the road hockey games. 383 more words