One Step Back, THREE Steps Forward

After a few minutes and countless deep breaths, my rest was coming to an end. The music in my ears ramped up as I placed my hands firmly on the barbell in front of me. 612 more words


Race Recap: Caroline's Miracle Foundation 5k

Yesterday Dad and I ran another 5k, hoping to get faster times than two weeks ago at the Sailfest 5k. We both woke up feeling good to go and thankfully we had a gorgeous morning and flat course to help us along. 594 more words


Competition Day

Oh my goodness-what a day!

I had a pretty horrible night’s sleep…only 59% which was mostly due to being wide awake from 3:00 until 5:00ish. That’s two nights in a row where I’ve lost a couple of hours of sleep shortly before the alarm. 1,018 more words


Set new personal record today!

Maxed out at 195 lbs on the bench, setting a new personal record. This is 20 lbs more than my previous record set just 3-months ago.

John Mabry

21 Jul 14 - Fran Day

It’s not quite my goal of sub-5 but at 5:04 RX, this is my fastest time ever in 5 recorded attempts.

As you might imagine, I am really pleased with this effort and it has buoyed me somewhat. 248 more words

Gold's Downtown

.5mi/5 minutes
10:00 pace
I was going to run more but I was too stoked to Deadlift hah!

Wave Ladders
DL 185X1, 185X2, 185X1… 97 more words


Running Social

I ranĀ a personal best (PB) for a 10km yesterday during training, and I can honestly say I did not do it alone. I mean running is often thought of as a solo sport. 303 more words