The Power of Positive Thinking

This week’s Monday Motivation is a quote from figure skater and Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton.  As I shared yesterday, I chose this quote because of the need to go into my first day back at school from Spring Break with a positive outlook about both the day ahead and the weeks that stand between now and the end of the school year. 777 more words


Max Out Friday training 4/18/14

I’m gonna start logging my training here because :

1. My handwriting sucks

2. Someone might actually learn a thing or two from my mistakes… 35 more words

Final Race Pace Run

I realized I have not really posted much about my training this season.  I guess because the novelty of distance has begun to fade off; but rest assured, I am still working.   88 more words



So I hit a PR record today of 50 followers. Fifty of you beautifully disturbed individuals follow the gratuitous, self righteous, silly shit I post and I am profoundly grateful. 106 more words


Race Report: Just a Short Run

I know this race was a handful of weeks ago, but The Lady and I had a pretty important event (and subsequent weeklong vacation) to attend to.

The Lady

When I Knew

I never got into The Fiery Furnaces (though lord knows I tried with Blueberry Boat)–siblings Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger seemed like some warped academic’s idea of an indie rock duo, deflating any discernible hooks with a soupçon of meandering song lengths, unwieldy tempo shifts and bursts of cacophony. 158 more words


Disappointing 5k Race

On paper I should be happy. My unofficial 24:25 5k (7:52/mile pace) is a new PR. I was 4th female and 9th overall. I’m not sure what the final race participation was, but it was more than last year which the race website said was around 200 people. 144 more words