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The Review Conundrum

One thing that has been eating into my precious sleep of late is the tricky question of book reviews. Common wisdom has it that you need reviews to get off the ground, but that getting off the ground without reviews is difficult. 930 more words

Food For Thought

22 April 2014. RIA-Novosti Infographics. What’s Changed in Russia since 1 January 2014


I wanted a graphic illustration of how much better life is in Russia compared to the Ukrainian non-state (it’s never been a de facto state since 1991… it’s only been a de jure fiction). 629 more words


Adventures in Publishing - Week 10

Alas, the time has come to see about throwing some money at the problem of marketing. In aid of this I have spent all day harvesting advice on the subject from the four corners of the web. 286 more words


April 22 - Fear, rejection and failure

“The fear of rejection or failure creates inaction.” (John Maxwell)

No one wants to fail at things they do, and even fewer want to suffer rejection. 688 more words


No one said it was going to be easy

Took me over a week of overcoming one dead end after another to finally figure all this out. That MANCOVA, MANOVA, ANCOVA, Poisson, Ordinary Least Sqs, Logistics and multilevel regs are all needed separately in this relatively small study (N=41) tapi variablesnya selori. 117 more words

Personal Reflections

The Sound of Music

Over the last 4 months, our school has been busy preparing for the musical, The Sound of Music. I was having coffee with a non-teaching friend who commented that elementary school productions were sometimes “tedious”. 599 more words

Personal Reflections